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Welcome DynoMoon to MissLittleBookAddicts House of Books

So I said a few posts ago that I was going to start re-posting a few of the reviews some book blogger friends of mine do. Well it’s time to start! MissLittleBookAddicts House of Books just welcomed our mutual friend DynoMoon to her blog so here is her inaugural review! Click here for link to original post

Hey Addicts

I have some awesome news to report to you. Now I have been thinking about expanding the blog(adding on another reviewer) to help me out. Since I rarely review YA I figured my friend would be a perfect fit to join the House Of Books for she is addicted to YA books, Also I know some of you do read YA and figured you guys need your own corner on the blog. So I have enlisted a good friend of mine(who’s real identity shall remain anonymous) But you all can call her DynoMoon. Come out and say Hello to our fellow Book Addict’s Dyno


Hi everyone! ***waves like a crazy girl***

I’m so excited to join my friend MissLittleBookAddict on her blog! Now don’t let her niceness fool you, I totally bugged her to let me join–mostly because I want her access to ARC’s of some of my FAV YA series! The first one she go me is the final book in Jennifer Estep’s Mythos Academy series.

Now this review is just for the 6th and final book, I will be back soon with a review of the whole series.

I wanted to start this by saying how much I love this series. Ever since I picked up the first book ‘Touch of Frost’- when it first came out- I have loved all the crazy, action, drama filled goodness that is the Mythos Academy. Since then I have been addicted and eagerly jonzing for the next book to come out. I nearly fainted when MissLittleBookAddict told me she had got an ARC copy! Thank you!

Following her rating system I give this sixth and final installment of the series 4.5 stars out of 5. Here’s my breakdown:

Characters: Loved! As always, but I feel like I saw the growth I wanted in Gwen and Logan- our heroine and hero- but we didn’t get to see much in the way of the other characters who I love just as much. I just wanted more from them.

Action: as evident in this series and J. Estep’s other books, action scenes are a specialty of hers, and she doesn’t disappoint! I love reading the battle scenes and fight scenarios because they’re always different.

Pacing: Next to my desire to want more from the other characters this was the element that kept me from giving this a perfect review. Why you ask, simple, I felt there were several parts where we didn’t really get anything that helped move the story along, or add anything to the drama/conflict of the story. Some of Gwen’s internal debates and monologues were just too long for me, I got bored (insert loud Sherlock “bored” shouts here-though minus the gun) and glanced over those parts.

3 Absolute favorite parts: The theft scene! GENIUS! I loved it so much. Also seeing the seeing the griffins again and most of all, Gwen and Logan-or Gypsy Girl and Spartan as they commonly refer to each other.

Over all this book didn’t disappoint-well almost…. I am disappointed that there’s not going to be any more Gypsy Gewnness. I will miss this series a lot but, that said, guess I’ll just have to go back and re-read all the books over again. And again. And again.

I have yet to meet a J. Estep book I didn’t like, but the Mythos Academy is by far my favorite!

 Well there you have it! Till next time lovelies!

<3 always LH


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A long absence and writing contest

Hello my lovelies! I realize it has been quite a while since my last post and I greatly apologize for my absence. But I think you will understand why when I tell you that it was because I am finishing writing book 2 of my Legendary Saga and getting everything in line with my publisher for the release of Legendary! I am so thrilled it is less than 3 weeks away! February 25, 2014.

In addition to writing  and planning for the release of my first book, I have also been having conversations with my dear friend, MissLittleBookAddict, and her newest addition to her blog- a YA blogger posting under the moniker of DynoMoon. Now I have made it know that I will never give a “review” of a book I read because of the fact that, as an author,  I am a bit more picky of a reader, and on the off chance that I pick up a book I don’t like, I don’t want to have to disparage  a fellow author’s work. BUT after reading a few of DynoMoon’s reviews– I love them– so I’ve decided that I will most likely re-post those reviews here as well, with the permission of  MLBA of course.

Now on to the next order of business. I am apart of the YARWA-a young adult chapter of the RWA and we are thrilled to announce  our first chapter contest–The Rosemary contest. Here is the official post with all the information, I highly encourage all un published authors of YA and NA to enter.

The YARWA Chapter is proud to announce the Rosemary Contest, the only RWA contest specifically for YA writers in all genres.

Final round judges will be two editors and an agent in each of the following categories:

New Adult

YA Contemporary

YA Historical

YA Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal

YA Fusion (Any YA novel that doesn’t fit into one of the above categories.)

Romantic Elements in the novel are NOT required to enter this contest.

Eligibility: Authors must not be published or contracted to be published in book-length fiction (40,000 words or more) in the genre of Young Adult Fiction, which for purposes of this contest includes New Adult fiction.

In addition, any author who has been published but not contracted in their chosen category for a minimum of five (5) years may also enter this contest.

Fee: $15 YARWA members/$25 non-members

This contest will run from March 1 – March 31. Finalists will be announced by June 1and winners will be announced at the 2014 Day of YA event in San Antonio, TX.

For a complete list of rules, visit

Questions? Please contact Contest Coordinator Rebecca Lynn at YARWAContestCoord [at] gmail [dot] com.

I  love this contest for many reasons, and not only because I am on the contest committee and I had a hand in helping to organize/run this one of a kind contest.  But because we have branched out to include New Adult in our contest and the YA manuscripts DO NOT need to have romance as the core of the story. Something that many other major contests require and keep many great authors from entering their stories. We are a totally unique contest and have managed to get many great authors, agents and editors as the judges for The Rosemary Contest.

Till next time lovelies!

<3 always L.H.


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