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Hello there my lovelies my name is L.H. Nicole; I am a life long fairy tale lover (Grimm as well as Disney- yes I am that girl) and the cartoons of the 90’s & 00’s.

We all know cartoons now a days are seriously lacking!

Now as you can probably guess L.H. Nicole is not my real name, and you would be right. You may be wondering why I decided to do this, well that’s a simple answer.

I like the mystery, I like the chance to be someone else. This may be crazy but I find it easier to create my world in my books that way. Then there’s the fact I have a full-time job (yes I have another line of employment) and I don’t want that world in this, my escape.

That is what Legendary is for me. It’s the first story I’ve had that I have felt the need to share with more than just my best friend.

I have been in love with the legends of King Arthur since I can remember. But I hate that none of our heroes got a happy ending. I want to give them another chance to find their happiness.

Like with my real job (Pastry Chef) I want the things I create to make people smile, laugh and crate an undying need to know what’s happening next.

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  1. Jo Anne Potter Vincenti says:

    Hello — your books sound awesome

  2. You sound like a lot of fun, L.H. Happy to have happened upon your blog. Disney, Grimm, and cartoons–a fab combination. 🙂

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