Relics of Camelot Teasers

They say it’s not nice to tease people but I fully believe the authors teasing me with tantalizing clips and previews of coming books is perfectly acceptable ;P With that in mind here are the teasers for book 3 of the Legendary Saga!


Book of Realms  Guardian of the Underworld  History of Camelot  Meet Guinevere


I’m also trying something new for Relics so until the release I will sporadically be posting my favorite quotes from different characters!

8/9/15- “I think the boy is infatuated with you,” Galahad whispered, leaning into her slightly. “He cannot seem to stop fawning over you.”

She pursed her lips and looked at the white knight. “Galahad, I think you’re exaggerating just a bit.” She thought she had noticed him staring at her throughout most of the evening. Her discomfort wretched up a little. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Raven watching her from the fire where he and the other servants were eating.

8/17/15- A young boy—no older than maybe fourteen—rushed to Merlin.

“Welcome back m’lord.” His smile was easy, excited and very friendly. His dark brown eyes flicked to Aliana and he just stared.

Fighting an uncomfortable blush and the desire to shy away. Take a picture kid, it’ll last longer.


“If you wanted to keep me from knowing you were following me, you should learn how to move unheard through the forest.”

Galahad’s words froze Aliana on the spot.

“You know I could have Arthur send you back to Camelot for this. You are disobeying his orders.”

“No I’m not. He said to say in sight of him, Merlin or you.”

He snorted. “Arthur won’t see it like that when we return.”


“We knew she would die, Aliana. As much as it hurts, this was destined to happen.”

Her anger flared. “Do not mention destiny right now! We have no idea what was or is meant to happen! We suspect and hope that my being here hasn’t messed with history’s timeline, but we have no way of knowing that for sure! And if I had never been reckless and impulsive and agreed to do Titania’s stupid task, this might have never happened!”


I hope you’ll wear it during the games.”

Aliana looked at it then Arthur. “I can’t.”

He cut off her protests. “You can.” He closed her fingers around it. His brown eyes twinkled like they had when he had run his fingers through her hair outside his mother’s rooms. “It would make me happy to know you wear something of mine while I compete.”


The Grail of Power is proving more elusive than I had hoped. Puck has yet to locate it, which means he has not yet informed my queen either. She still thinks I do not know Puck spies for her. I do so hope her preoccupation with her Destined One hasn’t clouded her vision from realizing the trickster’s true motives. ~Oberon 


“We still need to finish this conversation.” Galahad’s voice was as tight as his narrowed eyes.

“Tomorrow. I’m still not even sure on all the details myself right now.” Aliana could see their reluctance.

Guin spoke up for her. “She’s right. We will get nothing accomplished tonight.”

Arthur agreed. “We finish this first thing in the morning.”


Merlin snorted. “Time to get down to work.” Merlin opened one of the scrolls.

“If you tell me what you’re looking for I may be able to help. I know this library very well, even the hidden rooms.” Guin smiled proudly, and not bothering to hide her frank curiosity.

“Did you say secret rooms?”


Morgana brushed kisses on Merlin’s cheeks as the Druid held her tightly to him. A fluttering sensation danced in the air around them. Curious, Aliana opened her magic senses, just enough to figure out what she was feeling. But what she saw was something else entirely.

Rays of shining sun and cool blue magic flowed around them, blending together seamlessly. It was intimate and pure and so beautiful it almost hurt.


“Yes, the Joust Duel is certainly popular, but also dangerous.” Guin wrapped the thin stole tighter around her shoulders.

The excitement between them all was palpable. Aliana’s stomach was twisting and turning more than it had since the attack. “Yes, because nothing says fun like boys knocking each other off horses with a stick.”


Even the Fae queen, with all her accursed powers, doesn’t understand how these pocket realms work as well as I do. That conniving woman thinks she’s thwarted my plans to have Aliana, my Destined One, but she couldn’t be more wrong. I know what none of them do, that blasted Fae has played right into my hands. Time is a tricky mistress, but she is a very good friend of mine, and MY Aliana will ensure that my past unfolds the way it did and that my destiny as King of Camelot and the seven realms is fulfilled. The Onyx Dragons will once again claim their rightful place of power and control. But I must wait for Morgana and our teacher to help release me from this temporary prison. ~Mordrid


The king’s hand was wound together with the Fae’s and they talked in voices so low Aliana couldn’t hear more than a few murmurs. Then the girl laughed, stretched up and placed a lingering kiss on Arthur’s cheek.


Red-faced, the angry man pushed himself back onto his feet and bellowed as he came at Aliana again. She ducked his meaty fists as her anger and adrenaline kicked her fighting instincts into high gear. She blocked and deflected his blows easily enough, but she could see the rage building in this man. She knew she needed to end this


“He’s slept off much worse than this before. I’ll see that Merlin gets him a tonic for the morning to help with the headache he’s sure to have.”


Aliana stared at the dagger until Vira’s small hand on her arm distracted her. For a second she thought the dagger looked familiar, but she couldn’t place from where. It seemed like something she’d seen in a dream, or maybe a nightmare, long ago.


Diving straight at them was a giant beast with matted, devil red fur, wings bigger than a Pegasus’s and a barbed tail that swung through the air. It was the fiercest monster she had ever seen. And its fathomless, glowing night eyes seemed fixed on Aliana. “Take cover!”


“Why did he have to wake me up?” she muttered quietly. Merlin snorted. “Were you hoping for someone else? Galahad or Arthur maybe?”

There’s always more, and with all the edits we did for this book, there are PLENTY of deleted scenes to come soon!

<3 always LH

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