Legendary Teasers

I love getting to read teasers and deleted scenes from my favorite authors! It’s just so exciting and fun and cool. It’s been a while, but here are the teaser clips I posted during LEGENDARY’s release.

 Arthur’s Hollow      Truth of a Picture    Saving a Knight     King Arthur Awakens  

Truth of the Legend      First Battle          Aliana’s Story    

And coming soon

 LEGENDARY Deleted scenes/Different POV scenes 

Galahad’s first night in London

DELETED LEGENDARY LINES: These are just little grabs from some of the many deletes parts in the many rounds of editing 

Galahad watched her for a moment trying to decipher the guarded look in Aliana’s eyes. She was pulling away from him again, and it did not sit well with him. He wanted her trust and he wanted her.

“Why is it all guys have a fascination with weapons?” She asked randomly. Caught off guard Galahad looked at her as if she were crazy; at least she had gotten him to look at her again.

“I think that is a conversation best left for later my lady.” Galahad answered.


<3 always LH

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