A King Will Rise Teasers

I can’t believe after what feels like so long, yet not long enough, A KING WILL RISE is ready to be released to the world. 

Before I go into all the fun, I feel I have an announcement that you all should know. have broken with my publisher and taken the brave and freaking out road of self publishing A KING WILL RISE. Don’t worry, I was able to get my editors, who have edited every book since I started this process to work me freelance. I promise this book is polished and shiny and IMHO a great way to close out Aliana’s story! Now on to the fun <3

Following tradition, I’ve got this new teaser page up and over the next weeks it will fill with more and more goodness until–and even after– A KING WILL RISE is released later in December! Let’s get this started with a teaser:



ENTER A*********

I also have the play list for this last book, take a listen as you read the line drops below the playlist 🙂

Line/Scene drops:

Aliana threw her hand out, shooting a blast of magic from her ruby towards that taunting male voice. A roar of pain ripped through the air and her insides lit up like a Roman Candle, the pain of her own attack bringing tears to her eyes as she fell forward, clutching her stomach. “Dagg, NO!”

On all fours, she scrambled towards the small body that appeared right where her magic blast had hit. She lifted her guardian and dear friend into her arms, cradling his still silver-marble colored body against her burning chest. “What have I done?”

The dark shape reappeared beneath her again. Guys, do you see—?

Before she could finish the thought, the shadow grew larger as a deep blue mass broke the surface, coming straight up towards her. Black tipped blue barbs and horns rushed towards her as glowing white eyes with narrow diamond blue pupils fixed on one target—her.

Shocked and numb with terrified surprise, Aliana lost hold on her magic and fell straight towards the water monster with a loud scream.

When are we going to talk to Merlin?”

Aliana looked at the Druid in the front seat. Wade was driving the SUV, Arthur and Galahad in the middle row in front of her and Dawn. “I don’t know.” Aliana twisted her fingers together. “But there’s something I need to tell everyone once we’re on the plane.”

Dawn’s surprise and confusion leaked into her mind. “I don’t think I’m going to like what you’ve got to say, from the sound of your thoughts.”

“No, you’re probably not. Just promise not to totally hate me.”


“Delphina, it’s you.” Aliana took a deep breath.

“ I am sorry for your loss.”

“Is this how y’all felt when Morgana betrayed you?”

The Fae nodded sadly. “Betrayal, especially from one we love, is always a hard thing to live through.”

Aliana grabbed her brush and stuffed it in her bag. She didn’t want to think about this anymore. “Thank you again for coming. Are you sure you and Freya won’t get in trouble with Titania?”

She shrugged and sat on the edge of Aliana’s bed. “The queen has many other things she’s focused on right now.”

Aliana looked up. “Do I want to know?”

She sighed. “Whatever she is scheming, she’s not letting any know about it.”


<3 always L.H.

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