Claiming Excalibur Teasers

I have always loved all the King Arthur legends, thus why I decided to retell the story in my own way. Claiming Excalibur is, so far, my favorite book of the series for many reasons. Only a few of them being Aliana and Arthur’s moments, learning a little bit more about Lancelot, finally having the girlie trio completed, and of course all the Galahad and Aliana sweetness too! 

In celebration of these goodies, here are the teasers that were circulated for Claiming Excalibur.

Lancelot’s Secret     Dance in the Moonlight     The Girls Are Back     Deal with a Queen

Memories     Legend of Excalibur    Titania Gets What Titania Wants     Puck is Here

I hope you enjoyed all these clips! If I get enough requests, I may just write some new scenes from some other characters POV’s! 

<3 always LH

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