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Guest blog about Teenage friendships on Honestly YA

So I wanted to share the link to my guest blog on the wonderful page Honestly YA!
I am blogging about teenage friendships and how they influenced who we bacame as adults and how they effect my writing.

You will note several pictures up from both my high school years and college years, and as I point out in the post two of the girls pictured there are the inspirations for two of my characters in Legendary
The blonde girl is Lacey (Lacy in Legendary) and the dark haired girl next to me, by the street sign, is my oldest and dearest friend Beth (Dawn in Legendary, though we do not officaly meet her untill book 2 Claiming Excalibur)
Beth and I used to write stories together in high school, those stories -along with the fan fictions I used to write about my favorite cartoon shows- are what showed me, and inspired me to write now and helped give me the courage to share it with the world.
I hope you guys will take a second and stop over to read the article. Just follow the link below!
L.H. Nicole How teen friendships influence us

Till next time lovelies
<3 always L.H.

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Announcing MAJOR News!!!!!

I am thrilled to announce that as of 10 AM today I am officially a signed author with Omnific publishing! I first submitted to them this past May and last month they offered me a contract for all four books of my new YA series ‘Legendary Saga’
My friends all think I’m not because I’ve been doing nothing but happy dances for the last two days But I can’t help it I’m just so excited!

Keep checking back in the coming weeks for more news and announcements and the official release date for the first book of the series legendary
So until I have more news to announce I’m leaving you with this fortune cookie saying below that I opened yesterday after I got the contract offer.
Till next time,
<3 always L.H. Nicole


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My thought on things


So one of my dear friends (a member of MY round table) and I were talking about titles and how we looks at events –and the phrases used to describe them. Example Legendary is an “epic” saga full of adventure, fantasy and romance. But is epic the best term available? Maybe, I think so. But what other words could we use and how would they rant from most serious to less serious?

Here is the list we came up with:

1. Epic

2. Legendary

3. Biblical

4. Mythical

5. Monumental

6. Historical

7. Extraordinary

That was an extraordinary meal.       What a HIStorical sight!    Amazingly MONUmental play!   What a MYTHIcal romance- sigh-!     Damn that was BIBLical dude.    Wow, what a LEGENDAry fight!      Legendary was an EPIC read!

So now you see. Hope this was slightly entertaining. I know me and my Girlie Knight Tena get a crack out of it at work. You know what they say all work and no play make for a crappy day. Gotta make it an EPIC day as often as we can.

Enjoy the rambles!

<3 L.H. Nicole



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Introducing L.H Nicole and the Legendary Saga

So I want to welcome you to my Author page and I hope that you will find something here to enjoy (yes i mean my book!) 
Legendary is a book that was inspired by Arthurian tales, great movies and TV shows all based around the tales.
Now the one thing they all had in common was the tragedy. I personally and a romantic and I like to see the characters I love get what they want. So i decided to rewrite the legends and continue the story in modern times with all new characters and realms. Now this is a YA fantasy book focused on magic, mythical creatures and lands and of course HOTT-HOTTTT heroes.
Go to my Legendary page on my web site and you can read the synopsis. I will be self publishing Legendary in late April so keep checking back for more information.
Also I love to hear what people think, good and bad so please feel free to leave me feed back on the cover (on the Legendary page) or any of the other banners/ pictures I have created. You can also hit me up on facebook or PINTEREST
Till next time
<3 always
L.H. Nicole
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