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Time For More Fun

Have any of you ever tried something new that seemed a little risky? I feel like that’s been my life the last 8 months with work, writing, adopting a new fur-baby and a few other areas.

I fully admit to being a little scattered in my loves, but when I love, I go all in, especially with my pastries and my writing worlds!

Then there’s the addition of my little Wilykit to my family of me and Sir Tigra 🙂 It’s been an interesting challenge to get them to get along. We’ve still got a ways to go but they are not trying to go for each other’s throats at least =^_^=

I can’t deny I seem to have a love for cats with stripes and adorably feisty personalities.

Then there’s the chances I am taking in the book world, the biggest of which is posting the first book of my newest series, Venators of Orion, on Swoon Reads.

For those who don’t know, Swoon reads is a part of Macmillan publishing and is an open format where authors go to post their polished manuscripts for the Swoon Reads community to read and leave feed back and ratings on. Then a few times a year the Swoon reads staff go through the posted books and select what books they wan to publish. (I have personally found a half dozen book from there I LOVE!) Anyone can sign up to be apart of the community, both as authors and readers!

CHASING THE ORION STARS is now up for readers to find and enjoy and I’d love to see what my readers think of this new chapter of YA Urban Fantasy fun 🙂

Chasing The Orion Stars on Swoon Reads

Aurora Milos has fallen in love with a sixteenth century boy in her dreams of all places. When her mom moves them to Rome, Italy she’ll not only discover Alexander “Lex” Borgia is real, but that he’s found a way to defy time and to be with her in the twenty-first century—just as he vowed he would.

The only problem is that keeping that vow will drive Aurora and Lex into the center of an ancient war between the Venators of Orion, the immortal army that protect our world, the mysterious and unseen phantom beasts that roam the earth, and those who use those monsters to get their revenge.

Aurora’s new life may have everything she’s ever wanted, but it’s not what she thought it would be; and if she and Lex fail to stop the evil Pleiades sisters and their followers the modern world will never be the same.

I hope some of you will go over and check it out before I make a decision on what to do with my newest literary baby.

There is one last thing that I’ve been working on, when I have had the time, and that’s pulling together a fun Instagram scavenger hunt that will pair up a bunch of amazing YA authors for some pic prompting fun with some really great prizes thrown in!! More information and the event dates will come as I get author confirmation, so until then stay tuned for the follow up!!!!!

<3 always LH

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ATO- L.H. Nicole- that is me!

Hi, I’m Puck, LH is such a silly writer, thinking she can do a takeover of her own #ATO…..that girl….. So I’ve decided to takeover LH Nicole’s takeover and tell you about her new book, that releases today, that stars me, Puck.

Okay, okay….sheesh, maybe I’m not the star of Claiming Excalibur but I dare you to not like me. Who wouldn’t like me? I’m a half Imp half Fae trickster who is going to give you two new peaks at Claiming Excalibur right here today. Of course there’s also a giveaway (I swear she’s obsessed with them) that includes a $15 gift card, signed copies of both Legendary and Claiming Excalibur and another eBook pack!

PLUS I’ve had my fun with Amazon and the other online booksellers and put Legendary (Legendary Saga #1) on sale for $0.99! That’s right…you can get all caught up on the adventure, romance and magic of it all before moving on to book 2!

Excited yet? Good

But first things first:


final Claiming Excalibur cover  Aliana Fagan has done what many thought impossible: she’s awakened King Arthur from his fifteen-hundred-year sleep, reunited the Knights of the Round Table, and even beaten Mordrid and Morgana LeFay in battle.

But the Destined One’s quest has only begun.

Before the knights can “unearth and reclaim their lost relics” they must survive the trip to Charleston, South Carolina and meet the newest member of the Round Table. If King Arthur’s men thought Aliana and Lacy were tenacious, they’ll be even more surprised by Dawn, the third member of the fem-trio.

Deadly secrets, unexpected allies, and a traitor lurking in the shadows await Aliana and the new Round Table as they continue their search for Excalibur. Their only clue is a beyond confusing poem from a mysterious book that speaks of a terrifying creature guarding the legendary sword. Trying to build a somewhat normal relationship with Sir Galahad adds a whole new level of complexity to Aliana’s task, especially when several among them suspect the White Knight may not be wholly himself. Her friendship with King Arthur grows closer, and when circumstances become intense, he may finally get the chance with Aliana that he’s been pining for.

Mysteries, legendary quests, and haunting memories will either unite the members of the New Round Table or fracture their bonds. Aliana and her crew only have seven months before the planets align and Mordrid can seize the power he needs to conquer the seven realms. Can the Destined One keep her new family together and lead Arthur to his destiny of saving the realms? Or will a centuries-old plot for revenge finally spell the king’s end?
Add Claiming Excalibur to your Goodreads shelves OR buy it here and many other fine places


Now, me being the crafty and outrageously devilish trickster that I am, I got into the early copy of Claiming Excalibur and pulled two, well….interesting scenes that have not yet been seen! I’ve borrowed one of the first fight scenes in Claiming Excalibur that includes a good look at the mysterious book Aliana dreamed of in the end of Legendary and a chance to get to know our newest lady of the Round Table: Dawn. That girl is going to be trouble, I like her already ce tease 5


Arthur crouched and pulled the volume free. The edges of the wrapping and spine were well worn, as if the book had been opened often. He handed the book to Aliana.

It looked about the right size. After an unsure glance at the others, she slipped her index finger under one of the torn edges and pulled.

The paper ripped easily away, like unwrapping a present. Turning the book over, she studied the brown casing and yellowed pages, her gaze going to the cracked spine. On it was a faded red shield with a dull yellow Dragon rearing back, wings spread to take flight.

“That’s my family’s crest,” Arthur confirmed.

“And this is the book from my dream.” Aliana’s astonishment turned to concern and confusion. “Why would Uncle Joe keep it wrapped in crappy paper to hide it?”

“We’ll have to discuss that later,” Arthur decreed. “We have what we came for; we should go.”

Aliana asked Dawn to hide the book in her messenger bag, and Wade led the way out of the office and down the hall. Dagg locked the door before returning to Aliana’s wrist. Galahad and Arthur flanked the girls, their eyes scanning the nearly empty hall.

“Why do I feel like I’m in the middle of an honor guard?” Dawn whispered loudly enough for the knights to hear.

“I’d like to know why we’re freaking out so much,” Aliana fake- whispered back. “I’d think we’d look much less conspicuous pretending to be normal students.”

Galahad took Aliana’s hand. “We’re just being cautious,” he said, but his stance relaxed and the pace Wade set slowed.

Aliana was used to seeing this part of the college more crowded. Now it felt more like a creepy movie ghost town minus the rolling ball of tumbleweed. She shook her head, dispelling the paranoid thought. The school was always a lot less crowded during summer.

They made it out of the building without incident and were halfway across a small, deserted quad. Wade pulled out the car keys, chirping off the alarm system as they neared the SUV.

“When we get back we need to —” Arthur was cut off when an unnaturally bluish-gray cloud swooped down from the sky, wrap- ping around the group and trapping them in a smoky wreath. A gray, fox-like creature with matted fur and three tales jumped from a tree and stared at them with glowing red eyes. Its tales twitched as it hunkered down, like it was waiting to pounce. Yellow ooze dripped from its sharp teeth.

“Get behind us!” the three guys ordered together. Dagg leaped from Aliana’s wrist, taking his true form. The guys pulled their swords from out of nowhere, getting into fighting position. The jewels on Arthur’s fire Elf sword gleamed.

“Where the hell did your weapons come from?” Aliana gasped. The scabbards that had held the swords were now visible, strapped to the guys’ backs.

“Merlin’s idea,” Galahad answered, studying the cloud.

“Didn’t think the old timer had it in him,” Wade joked, but he didn’t smile.

As quickly as the cloud came, it vanished, leaving behind a dozen disfigured monsters. Their black, tattered clothes showed gray, cracked skin, and their claw-like hands held long sticks with dozens of sharpened barbs. They had Frankenstein-ish, lightning-struck spiked hair and lidless, dead eyes circled with black like raccoons. Their mouths gaped, revealing sharpened, yellowed teeth, as they lumbered around their trapped prisoners.

The girls stood back to back behind the knights. Aliana kept an eye on the monstrous little TreTale. Dawn gripped her bag, holding the book tightly to her side.

“I feel like I just landed in the middle of a Power Rangers fight scene,” Dawn said, trying to hide the tremor of fear in her voice. “What’s next, a flying monkey in gold armor saying ‘Attack them.

Bring me the book’?”

“Not the time, Dawn,” Wade warned as Dagg growled.

 I told you she’d be my kind of trouble! Though I’ve got to question her for quoting the Power Rangers, even if she did at least have the good sense to reference the original series. Originals are always the best aren’t they? 

But I promised you more than this one look, so click the link below to be taken to the prologue of Claiming Excalibur, and that part does star me! You’ll need a password to read it though, so here it is: Puck


But wait, there’s more! Including the new and improved playlist for Claiming Excalibur. And let me just say, Queen Titania’s got the whole Dark Horse thing covered.

I’ve also gone ahead and made LH’s Pintrest board for Claiming Excalibur open for public consumption. I have to have a chat with that girl….I’m no where in there yet. but have no fear, dear readers, I will be there soon!

I think that’s enough for today, I hear LH coming back from work….wait until she sees what I’ve done! Hehe. She’ll thank me in the end. I’ll see you readers soon.


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Catching a breath

Hey lovelies, since my ATO series has started I’ve been keeping most of my posts on this site related to those ATO’s, unfortunately I thought I could keep up better than I had with posting things on my blog but……..well, life.

That’s about all I got. I wanted to do so much more this summer, I can’t believe it’s  almost done! Though fall is my favorite season of the year 🙂 On the other hand I have had good reasons for being so…well absent. The biggest being that I am in the final editing stages of Claiming Excalibur! I am close to finishing this draft of Book 3 of my Legendary Saga, I’m working on making new swag for Claiming Excalibur and I’ve had a lot more on my plate with my “real world” job (since my boss has been on maternity leave and leaving me in charge of the nut house….or should I say sweet insanity house? Oh well either works, but I digress)

In other great news, I went home to Cinci for one of my high school friends weddings this weekend and day of the wedding, wouldn’t you know, my fantastical publicist Jenn sent me the cover for Claiming Excalibur……insert crazy loud squeal here! YYYYEEEAAAHHHHHHH! I LOVE IT SO HARD. We could not have chosen a better cover for CE, it fits so well with the cover from Legendary! Now we are not revealing it until a week or so before Thanksgiving, and since we have such a great lead time I want to set up something special and get as much exposure for the reveal as I can, so any bloggers or fans or fellow authors reading this, if you want to help me reveal the cover email me through the site or leave me a note in the comments! I’ll get back to you as details come together.

Even better, we are putting the finishing touches on the blurb for Claiming Excalibur so I hope to have a Goodreads page up for it soon 🙂

I really wanted to share with you all, your first real look at Claiming Excalibur, but my loving publicist says to hold off for now….. 🙁  But never fear, I WILL get it up for you to read soon!

There is more good news too!

But wait there’s still more good news! I am going to be taking part in the YA Scavenger Hunt OCT2-OCT5! It is a MAJOR blog hop/scavenger hunt created by the ever talented Colleen Houck, and has run successfully for the last few years! And it’s even bigger this year with 6 teams (including the team I am on TEAM INDIE) and 125 authors! Can you say OMG enough times? It’s a huge thing, tons of fun and a great way to get exposed to new authors and books you wouldn’t normally see or know about. And of course there are literally over 100 giveaways going on for the hunt! the 6  biggest being SIGNED COPIES of each book from one team if you win the grand prize! And if you win more than one…..whoooo, just imagine all those books, plus all the other possibilities! I’ve got a lot to do until then, including figuring out what I want to do for my post on the YASH so until then just look at the ever hands-on, charming, loyal, brave and gallant Aramis from BBC’s The Musketeers!

Later lovelies!

<3 always LH

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Legendary cover reveal

Finally!! It is time to reveal the final cover of Legendary created by my fantastic publisher Omnific! We also have the official blurb to go with it!


LEGENDARY by L.H. Nicole

Aliana Fagan spent her childhood traveling the world, dreaming of legendary heroes and mythical lands. But after the sudden death of her parents, she hides behind the safety of her camera and her art until a vivid dream has her to digging into her father’s research about Avalon and Camelot. She is soon hurled into a magical realm by forces she thought were only the stuff of fairy tales, and finds herself thrown into an adventure she could have never imagined. And nearly everything she thought she knew about the Arthurian legends is wrong.

The independent eighteen-year-old is shocked to find that the people of Avalon think that she is the Destined One, the only person who can summon King Arthur back to life. Most surprising of all is that it’s up to her to lead the Knights of the Round Table on an epic quest—an adventure that will transport them across the seven magic realms to reclaim all that has been lost so they can defeat the evil Mordrid for good.  First, she must bring the ancient warriors into her world and reunite them with their lost brothers. But chaperoning legendary knights-with-a-chivalry-complex is a constant challenge, and she certainly never thought she’d be caught between her intense feelings for the noble Sir Galahad and her growing friendship with the King.

To fulfill the prophecy, Aliana will have to discover the meaning of friendship, bravery, loyalty, true love, and forgiveness. But can she do it all in time to save the realms from Mordrid’s impending Armageddon?

We ready? Drum roll please











OMG!!! It is AMAZEBALLS! Not gonna find many like this!

Legendary will be available to buy this coming Tuesday Feb 25, 2014! Be sure to check it out.

Laters my lovelies! 

<3 always L.H.

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Fav Tv shows for this year!

So I just posted a blog on my blogger page about one of the new shows that premiered this season and I wanted to build on that and give you my top fifteen list of the other great new and returning shows that I am in love with in no particular order (save Reign!) and the beautiful posters for each of the shows

Here we go:

  1. Reign- the CWo-REIGN-570
  2. Beauty and the Beast- the CWtumblr_mspw0t646V1s8n95ho1_r1_500
  3. The Blacklist- NBCMV5BNTIxODc2Mzk3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTE5MjQxMDE@._V1._SX600_SY800_
  4. The Originals- The CWo-THE-ORIGINALS-570
  5. Elementry- CBS216564-elementary-elementary-poster
  6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- ABCagents-of-shield-official-poster
  7. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- ABConce-upon-a-time-in-wonderland-posters-revealed-rabbit__oPt
  8. Grimm- NBCGrimm_Season_3_Poster
  9. Dracula- NBCdraculacc1
  10. Criminal Minds- CBScriminal_minds_by_beckaloo-d4cfxq2
  11. Hawaii five-O- CBSHawaii_Five-0_S1_Poster_02
  12. White Collar- USAWhite-Collar-Poster-Season-5
  13. Once Upon a Time- ABC109593-once-upon-a-time-once-upon-a-time-poster
  14. Arrow- the CWarrow-season-2-poster-cw
  15. The Voice- NBCthe-voice-reunited-poster-season-5-watermark__oPt

Interesting mix up right? I think there are 3 things that uniformly draw me to each of these shows and make me totally obsessed with them:

  • The stories that the amazing writing tells- wether it’s the fantasy or the suspense or the mystery… I don’t know
  • The love interests and chemistry between all characters- I love it when i can feel what the characters are feeling and hate or love a character by their relationships and how they interact 
  • And of course HOTTTT actors- common, who doesn’t like some great eye candy! and the CW does it the BEST!!!!! Hands down, no contest, don’t even try ;-P

If you like fantasy, action, murder, mystery, suspense, the paranormal, major heaping doses of drama and inciting and intoxication love stories I would suggest checking out any and all of these shows!

Till next time my lovelies!

<3 always L.H.


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