In the time I have been writing the four book of the Legendary Saga, I have also been working on other projects at the same time. My ADD brain won’t shut down sometimes and different characters keep popping up, refusing to leave me alone to focus on books that are contracted, until I give them a little of my time.

Because of them I have three other projects I’m currently knee-deep in; and now that Aliana’s story in the Legendary Universe is done my focus is shifting to these three new gems.

I thought I’d share a bit about these upcoming projects with my readers 🙂

But first, just incase you’ve made it to this page by accident, here’s a list of my current books that are published and coming soon) as apart of my Legendary Saga:

A KING WILL RISE  is the last book in the story of Aliana, the Destined One, King Arthur, Sir Galahad and the rest of the new Knights of the Round Table an their family. (Well, most of the family :P)

Now on to these other series…….yes I did say series, as in more than one new series. I can’t seem to get away with only one book when it comes to telling my characters stories……go figure.

The first of these new series, and the one that is much further along is called the VENATORS OF ORION

This series was born from several desires and loves of mine. 1- my love of Anime and manga. 2- my fascination with history and famous characters and legends. 3- my incurable romantic heart.

CHASING THE ORION STARS is the first book of the series and features the first story for Aurora Milos (a 21st century teen that’s being moved to Rome, Italy) and Alexander “Lex” Borgia (bastard son on Cesare Borgia who lived in the late 15th century and early 16th century)

Now I know what you’re thinking–oh boy, time travel historical. Well fear not, this IS NOT that!

I can’t get into specifics without giving away major plot spoilers, but the story DOES take place in 21st century Rome, and will travel across the globe delving into legends, myths and cultures of many different countries.

As a treat, I’ve decided to post a part of the first chapter for you to check out. Please understand this is un-edited so you’ll have to excuse any little grammar gremlin attacks.




The story stuck in the middle of my plot ideas is a variation on a highly popular favorite story that most recently was a tv show in BBC you may have heard of: The Musketeers. I fully admit that this idea sprang from my love of that series and the many movie versions, but I promise you this is a story you have never seen before in the world of the Musketeers.

For starters the story takes place in modern times and our heroes are heroines–and teenagers to boot! Teen girls trained from early age to be spies and thieves and tasked to stop all those who would do harm to…..well the world.

…….No, No, NO! You girls cannot break into the Habsburg Palace! I don’t care how skilled you are Amaris!!! Girls I said……………..Oh boy -_-

These four are certainly the stubborn hellions I’m almost sure Queen Anne would have liked. Though I think they forgot the part in the Le Femme Musketeers charter that encourages DISCRESSION!

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.50.58 AM



The last series that has started to take over my imagination is one that takes the legendary hero Achilles and brings him and his legend into a new light and new adventures in a star-crossed-reincarnated-lovers epic adventure.

Unlike my Venators series, this one is still in the VERY rough stages of development. But I do already have the first few chapters laid out and the overall plot and character sketches laid out. This one was majorly inspired from Legends of Tomorrow TV show–more specifically, their take on Hawkman and Hawkgirl. I loved the idea of the reincarnated lovers from the very first moment they introduced the story line on the Flash. But then when Legends got it’s self going……I was so disappointed. I wanted an epic love story filled with heart thumping romantic tension, mystery and adventure. Legends of Tomorrow, delivered on 1 1/2 of those things. But I still felt so short-changed after they killed Carter in the 2nd episode.

At the time of this TV sadness I had also been doing research for my Venators series and was reading up on Achilles and the Trojan War. Of course Achilles immediately came to me and started to whisper his tale, and the story of his murdered lover to me until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. (And no Briseis is NOT Achilles love in this story, but she is a girl mentioned in the tale.)


That’s all I’ve got for right now. Be sure to keep checking back and see what other new goodies I have!

<3 always LH

The Achilles drawing does not belong to me, it was pulled from pinterest. Full credit goes to the artist who drew it

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