February, 2018

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February Party Month!


So many reasons to celebrate in February!! You’ve got the Olympics, Valentines day (where my obsession for pink and glitter and hearts is slightly more acceptable), a month full of family & friend’s birthdays (including my own!) not to mention LEGENDARY’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Yes, I’ve dropped several mentions but in just 12 days LEGENDARY will be 4 years old! I can’t believe it’s been that long, and yet not so long at all since in those 4 years the entire series has come out! But what a wonderful experience and thrill ride with all of my readers and fellow authors 🙂


As promised I have a couple fun things for this post: 1) A new give away running from today to the end of the month. There will be 3 winners this time AND this one is open internationally!!! (in honor of the winter olympics which I am so much loving!!) 2) New fan art that I am in love with. For those who subscribe to my mailing list, you got some sneak peaks, but now the rest of the world can see them =^_^= . 3) I have a new deleted scene from Legendary that I have not shared before!

First we’ll start with the new giveaway (rafflecopter is at the bottom of the page as always) I have 3 prizes and this contest is open internationally so all can enter.

1-Complete signed set of the Legendary Saga + $15 gift card + Legendary Swag

2-Rose Gold Minnie Ears + Stack of YA books + Legendary swag

3-$15 Gift card + Legendary Saga complete series E-books

There are tons of ways to enter and even one that can be done multiple times!

Next we have the new fan art, and I have to say they are spectacular and so darn cool! The artists who did them were amazing and I can’t thank them enough. For those fans of mine, I’m sure you can figure out who these drawings are of ;P

The last and final goodie, for now, is a previously deleted scene from Legendary that was not originally part of the story, my editor had me add, then we decided to cut it because we felt it didn’t add anything that couldn’t already be found in other parts of the book. This will be appearing on the Legendary Extras page in a few days, but here it is first!

To set the stage, this is a scene from the middle of the book, where Aliana is getting ready to go to the big party with the guys–who are up on the roof sparring with each other, rather than getting ready. This scene is told from Owen’s POV, because I truly love him, and wish he could have gotten more love through the series. 

THIS IS NOT EDITED so please be aware there will be grammatical errors! No flames, please …………

Owen frowned when Dagg joined them on the roof without Galahad. Something was going on between Ali and the big knight and Owen wasn’t sure he liked it. Aliana may not talk about it but between what Wade had told him, and all he had learned about her in the last few weeks, it was clear she’s had a rough go with dating guys.

Owen turned from the Dragon and watched Lancelot and Arthur draw their swords and saluting each other before getting into attack positions. Why do I still feel as if I’m turning into a nutter for believing all this? King Arthur is real, and I am one of his reincarnated knights, and my cousin is supposed to be the one to save us all?

All last night he had dreamed of Camelot, or at least what he imagined it would have looked like. When he mentioned it to Lancelot earlier, the stoic knight had just said it was probably part of his memories returning. When Owen had talked to Percy about it just after the southerner had admitted he had a lot of those dreams when he first met Lancelot, but the number of dreams had waned only a month or so after.  He had no doubt Percy was upset by that fact, the cowboy was for more anxious to know more than Owen was ready to admit he was. If he didn’t trust his gut so much, and the whisper in his heart and mind that sounded so much like his late mother’s voice, he would have been ready to commit himself and Aliana.

Arthur launched his attack against a surprised Lancelot as the clang of steel against steel creates sparks as the blades collided. Lance powered back but Arthur dodged his thrust and struck again in one fluid motion. He’d always been fascinated by swords, probably knew more than a reasonable person should, but he’d never learned how to handle a blade. Seeing such skill from two warriors who had been the best was a rarity and a sight to be admired.

Owen smiled ruefully when Arthur knocked Lance’s sword from his hand and kicked his feet out from under him. But that’s what made him different from these guys. He wasn’t a fighter, never had been. He was better at fighting with words not physical actions.

“Well done sire.” Lancelot admitted accepting Arthur’s offered hand as he pulled himself to his feet.

“Owen?” Arthur asked. “How are your fighting skills?”

Owen ran a hand through his hair looking at the ground. “They’re not up to par, but I’ll give it a go.” 

Owen and Percy squared off, Owen trying to hide his discomfort with everyone watching him. Somehow, he managed to last three whole minutes against Percy before the large guy put him on his back.

“I should’ve paid closer attention to Wade’s lessons.” Owen grumbled getting to his feet. Wade was right, words aren’t always enough to protect yourself. Just as he and Percy got into position the door opened as Galahad joined them, a small and far too satisfied smile on his face.

Why does he look so damn smug? Owen wondered, not liking that it probably had to do with Ali. She called him overbearing but Owen wasn’t the kind of guy to just sit back when a virtual stranger made a pass at a person he cared about. Especially his newfound cousin.

And there it is, the latest in deleted scenes for my books. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to enter the giveaway. Come back for more goodies and to take part in the blog tour I’ve got starting real soon!

<3 alway L.H. Nicole

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