2017 Holiday Time

I love pretty much every holiday. I have to admit Christmas and New Years are not my fav (that’s Halloween), but they are great times 🙂

As many of you know I live in more than just my writing Universe; I also live in the Universe of Pastry Chefs. Fun fact I’m sure many people don’t realize about the Food and Bev industry is that holiday and weekends off are so not a things for us. (Though currently I get Saturday’s off—17 years earned!! LOL)

My current pastry shop is always crazy busy at this time, so I usually end up celebrating my Christmas with my fellow leaders and the amazing people that work in my kitchens. It’s always a lot of fun because we usually end up making special meals for our brigades and do our own gift exchanges.

Another great thing about the holidays is both Claiming Excalibur and A King Will Rise have Christmas/New Years Birthdays!!

It’s all very exciting, especially since Legendary’s Birthday is in Feb! So to celebrate all of these wonderful things I’ll be doing several special giveaways—one that will be including a grand prize of gift cards, signed books AND a pair of ROSE GOLD Minnie Mouse ears that every Disney fan is losing their mind over!!

It’s so very Aliana 🤓🤗

Stay close, you’ll see the first giveaway starting up at New Years!!

 Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Enjoy the one last GIF 🎄🎁

<3 always LH

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