A New Month & A New Reason to Celebrate

Hey there!

I know it’s been a while but like usual life has kept me on the go and go and go and go…………But I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything (except maybe have an extra hour or two in the day? –Can we make that happen Father Time?)

It’s February and that’s always a great month for me mostly because here are several very special dates that happen in this wonderful month. First is my Birthday 🙂 but most important is LEGENDARY’S birthday!!!


That’s right Feb 24th my first book ever published turns 3 years old!!! LEGENDARY was first published in 2014 and will always have a very special place in my heart.

I have always told everyone my love for King Arthur legends started when I was little, and that’s still true, but my real inspiration to finally put the story of Aliana, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to paper was the ever wonderful show MERLIN. That blessed show opened my eyes and helped me put the stories I loved into a new light and gave a voice to the characters I adore.

Guess-Whose-Birthday-Angel-Coulby-TODAY-2-arthur-and-gwen-31998072-500-225 No, there’s no surprise party BUT I am going to give you a very special extra 🙂

When I first started posting about Legendary I did a bunch of character profiles and sketches and I want to celebrate those first posts by adding on to one of my fav characters: the ever over protective and HOT Sir Galahad! <3

I did not know from the start who Aliana would end up with, and if you haven’t read A KING WILL RISE I’m not going to spoil it so don’t even ask. But I remember binging MERLIN while I was writing the first scene where Aliana meets Galahad and I will never forget the scene that was on at that same moment:


That’s right I was watching the first episode where Gawain joined the cast and his image was one that resonated in my overall view of Sir Galahad. I’m not normally a whisker fan but on Eoin I’ll take it!! LOL.

In writing my new series I’ve found it’s hard for me to totally get away from the vision of Galahad so I’ve taken to keeping character pictures of my new leading men everywhere so I keep them from tying together. BUT I’ve noticed that with all my male  heroes I tend to find the ones that share several similar qualities. I guess it’s just the type I attract ;P

Even though I no longer live in VA I will be returning for a beautiful weekend in April for the Roanoke Author Invasion where I’ll join 99 other great authors for this yearly Indie book signing! I’m bringing a limited number of books so be sure to pre-order your copies if you are able to join us!

The link to the form is right here –>https://goo.gl/forms/nzwTtM9WVPvYHDKQ2

As a bonus for pre-ordering I will be giving special discounted prices on each book and a bundle of all 4 books that will include a very special piece of jewelry and an exclusive swag pack!

To learn more about this wonderful event click the banner below and see all 100 Author attending 🙂


I can’t wait to see everyone!

<3 always LH

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