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Twas the eve of A KING WILL RISE release and all through the house the only creature stirring was the reader and their device waiting for the stroke of midnight on December 27th……… Before you enter the book world of A KING WILL RISE tomorrow enter the Realm of Atlantis with this last and final teaser for Aliana and her new Knights of the Round Table. Quite an end to an epic story that will stay with you (IMHO) LOL. 

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Out of the corner of her eye, Aliana saw Dawn step to Arthur’s side as Wade made a move to grab her but missed.

“Why are you even upset that we are here? Surely plenty of people use this gate into Atlantis.”

“D, what are you doing?” Aliana stood tense as she started to gather her magic to open the portal, throwing up veils as she slowly corralled together the power they needed. The freckled girl didn’t answer; her focus on the Ruby Dragon. Strangely, the Dragon seemed fascinated by her boldness.

A thoughtful rumble came from the red beast. “Indeed, many do, but they have manners enough to offer up payment first.” His feline style nose twitched, his white eyes illuminating a little brighter. “Hmm, a Halfling. How interesting you are, little Nymph.”

Wade and Owen took cautious steps closer, their movements slow. If the Dragon did notice anything but Dawn, he didn’t let on.

Aliana prayed her friend knew what she was doing.

Dawn kept her hands at her side, palms out. “You have to believe us. We didn’t know you were here. And if you hadn’t just dropped out of the air like a deflating Zeppelin, we wouldn’t have felt the need to defend ourselves.”

Growling laughter shocked all of them. “What is your name, little Nymph? I find you most amusing.”

Dawn went pale, looking to Arthur briefly before responding. The golden king nodded once. “My name’s Dawn.”

Aliana glanced at Galahad, her stomach twisting and flipping. This situation could go south at any second. She pulled on the elemental magic faster, cool sweat dotting the back of her neck.

“It would appear we all have made misjudgments today, DragonLord,” Arthur said casually moving closer to Dawn. Even with Excalibur lowered, Aliana knew he could go battle ready in a split second. “What price would you ask for allowing us to use this gate?”

Ever so slowly, like a floating kite, the Ruby Dragon slithered closer to them, his eyes still fixed on Dawn. “That depends. I am sure the former king of Camelot, and descendant of the Golden Dragon can afford quite a price.”

“If I still had the resources I had in Camelot, yes.” Arthur shrugged one shoulder. “If you demand your payment now, I am afraid we do not have much to offer. But, should you wait until we defeat the wizard Mordrid, you will be richly rewarded.”

“I have it,” Aliana said to Dagg. “What now? Do we wait to see what happens?”

“Yes,” came his immediate response. “Avoiding offending a Ruby Dragon is always the smartest—and safest—option, whenever possible.”

Aliana licked her lips, feeling the uncomfortable pressure of holding so much power for so long. Fortunately, her veils seemed to be in place still, but she wasn’t sure how much longer they could stall this Dragon.

“You make a fair offer, young king.” The Dragon’s large head tilted slightly, his eyes narrowing just a fraction. “But I am afraid credit is a human notion. I demand my payment now, and your halfling, this “Dawn,” is the payment I will take.”

“Like hell you will! I’m a person not a possession!”

There it is! I hope you’re ready to dive back in to the Legendary Universe to find out who will sit on Camelot’s throne: King Arthur or Mordrid.

Whose Colors Will You Fly?

A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms and will hot your devices at 12:01 am tomorrow!


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