Aversion to Social Media?

So this post will be greatly off topic from the A KING WILL RISE posts I’ve been doing, but I was just thinking about this while sitting at Earl of Sandwich having lunch before what I am sure will turn into a shopping trip I’ll regret.

I realize how much, until recently, I had been absent from social media and that I liked it! Almost to the point that I feel like I kinda wanted to destroy all social media and enjoy not feeling like I HAD to post about every stupid little thing I do during the day.

I fully admit I post plenty about my little #SirTigra but it’s not nearly as much as I would have if I still lived in DC. I realize now, a LOT of my social media posts came while I was bored at work and not feeling it. Or I was posting about the desserts my team was doing, which I am still very proud of!

Little known fact, to those not in “The Mouse’s” employ: we are not allowed to take pics back stage and we have to be very careful about what we post because of how easily things go cra-cra on social media. Plus everything you post, no matter the settings, is up for public consumption and dissection. I know people all over who have lost their jobs because of stupid things they posted.

I think a small part of me fears social media (how much it’s taken over EVERYTHING and how it can so easily be used to hurt or destroy something or someone). Another part of me respects it because of just how much it rules…everything and the good that can be accomplished with it (thought those stories are very few and far between). The last part of me things we should mandate a certain hours of the day (when we are not asleep) that we HAVE to be off line and actually interact with people, in person, face to face.

What a concept…..

I know, totally weird rent, but I was just think about it, and yes I realize the funniness of me posting about not loving social media on social media LOL

I just wish that all of us, including me, can find the right balance and realize that just because something is on the internet or social media doesn’t mean it’s right or true.

<3 always LH

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