New A King Will Rise Legendary Images

Hi all! I am so thrilled the cover for A KING WILL RISE (Legendary Saga #4) is out to the world! I’ve got it here along with a few other new banners and images!

a-king-will-rise-final-cover legendary-saga-all-covers-banner new-laptop-sticker-2

You can get caught up on all of the adventures of Aliana and the New Knights of the Round Table before the release of A  KING WILL RISE in December! Just click any of the book covers on the side of this site and you’ll be linked!

This is only the beginning! I have so many things in mind between now and December! Be sure to stay tuned.

Keep scrolling down for my post in the 2016 Fall YA Scavenger Hunt!


<3 Always LH

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9 Comments  to  New A King Will Rise Legendary Images

  1. Trinity says:

    so i hear you’re going to the RT convention in atlanta next year. Hopefully I will get to go, so i’ll see you there if i do!

  2. Nicole says:

    These covers are beautiful, and I love the concept of the series! 🙂

  3. Penny Olson says:

    These covers are just gorgeous!

  4. bn100 says:

    interesting covers

  5. Emily says:

    *Squeaaaaaaal* They look so good!

  6. Ashfa says:

    Such a beautiful cover! Love it!

  7. Kassie says:

    Beautiful covers! I love the covers of all your books! 😍