RELICS OF CAMELOT release week!

It’s here and out there for the world to see! RELICS OF CAMELOT is live across all platforms and just waiting for you wonderful people to dive in a spread the news!

Relics_Cover_FinalRelics of Camelot (Legendary Saga #3)
by L.H. Nicole
Making a devil’s bargain with a Fae queen is a dangerous thing.
Thrown back to the golden days of Camelot, the Destined One needs to find the object that will lead her and the Knights of the Round Table to the Grail of Power. But Aliana must also figure out and complete a mystery task before she can return to her own time. The consequences of revealing Camelot’s future to King Arthur or any member of the Round Table family could be devastating. She is forced to keep secrets, feeling more alone than ever, even with the support of new friends and allies. With the unwelcome knowledge of their looming deaths, will she be able to resist the temptation to save the people she loves?
The attentions of Sir Galahad and King Arthur are a delightful yet confusing distraction. Her feelings for Arthur—even this version of him who doesn’t know her—continue to grow. The sparking sensation she’d felt whenever she touched Sir Galahad is mysteriously missing, but she can’t deny a continued connection with the protective knight.
Weapons powerful enough to destroy even Excalibur surface along with a shadowy figure that even seems to have influence over Mordrid. The time of the eclipse grows ever closer and everything Aliana thought she knew will once again be tossed into question again as she continues on her Legendary quest.

Simon and Schuster: RELICS OF CAMELOT
Even better, in honor or RELICS’s release we have put LEGENDARY & CLAIMING EXCALIBUR on sale!










final Claiming Excalibur coverCLAIMING EXCALIBUR (LEGENDARY SAGA # 2)









Now, you can find this new teaser on the Relics Of Camelot extras page, along with many other teasers and soon to add deleted scenes! (this one had a lot of them ;P)

This teaser is for all my Aliana/Galahad lovers out there <3 (Aliana/Arthur fans, no worries, you’ve got one on my blog)

Silhouettes of hugging couple against the sunset sky

“Are you excited for the games tomorrow, Aliana?”

Aliana turned, her face almost colliding with Galahad’s wide chest, her heart beating in her ears. Her eyes looked up to meet his laughing blue ones. “You really must stop sneaking up on me, Galahad.”

He smiled broadly. “It would seem I have a talent for finding you when you are lost in your thoughts.”

Aliana’s stomach started to fill with butterflies. Before the very perceptive knight could read her she turned back around, leaning her elbows on the cold stone of the rampart. “Are you excited for the games?”

He took a spot next to her, his arm brushed against hers as he mimicked her pose. “There are many things about these coming festivities that excite me.”

Aliana glanced at him briefly as he looked down at the arenas. “You mean you’re excited to prove you are the best of the knights of Camelot?”

“Perhaps.” His body presses a little closer against hers. “There are few things that I enjoy more than facing a worthy opponent. And these games bring out the best in Camelot and the other kingdoms.”

Aliana giggled lightly. He is such a guy!

“You laugh at me?”

“No.” She glanced at him. “Well, maybe. Part of me is afraid to ask what you enjoy more than beating on other warriors.”

His grin widened. He turned his body so he was facing her, one arm leaning on the stone wall. “I enjoy being with those I hold most dear.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Heat raced through her, but not the silver sparks that she had always felt from his touch. Her ears and cheeks turn red. In movies and TV, this is the part where the girl would look at the guy and they would share a passionate kiss. 

So am I totally mean to leave it off there? I hope so ;P

It’s funny, when I started writing this series I told myself I wasn’t going to do anything in Camelot. There’s already so many book out there set in Camelot and I wanted to do something different. BUT as all writers can tell you, sometimes your story takes over and you have to go along with the ride, and Aliana’s sorry demanded to go back and see Camelot and Arthur and the Knights before they got sucked into Queen Titania’s quest. It’s all for the better, honestly, this story unfolded so naturally and vividly in my head that I just couldn’t see another way to tell Camelot, and the knight’s back stories. Plus I got to introduce some great new characters I’ve wanted to dive into for ages. Delphina, Queen Titania’s ambassador to Camelot. Sophvira, Galahad’s little sister. Morgana, before she turned to the dark side. AND Guinevere! Lancelot’s wife! I love all these new characters so much and I loved getting to play with the emotions and relationships back in a time when things were simpler….er….well, kinda simpler. Anyways….get it, read it, and let me know what you think of RELICS OF CAMELOT!

<3 always LH

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  1. Debi says:

    Yeah! I love it when books are on sale! Congrats on your new release too!

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    This YASH visit is the first time I’m hearing about your books, and I loved reading this post before I realized I wasn’t reading the YASH one. I think it’s so great that you didn’t intend to tell this story but it came about anyway. I hope it’s a great success for you!

  3. Nicole Wetherington says:

    Happy for you!

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    Love the cover!

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    Happy release

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    i haven’t had a chance to read your series yet but im looking forward to it =)

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    What a beautiful cover! Congrats on the release! :3

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    Love the cover!

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    I love stories about Camelot!

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