New New New for Relics of Camelot

Back in August I started doing a weekly update to the Relics of Camelot teaser section. Each week I randomly pick a page in the MS and choose a few lines/quotes from that page to post.

So far we’ve got a fun selection, with more to come, each week, until Relics of Camelot releases. Sadly I still don’t have a cover or set release date for Relics, yet, but we are working on it and I hope to know soon! I promise, the day I find out, you all will know 🙂

Honestly people across the Atlantic will probably be able to hear my squeal of excitement when I know the date. LOL

Until that happy moment, please keep yourselves entertained with the quotes below–which can only be found on this website. So to see the new bit each week, you’ll have to keep checking back!

8/9/15- “I think the boy is infatuated with you,” Galahad whispered, leaning into her slightly. “He cannot seem to stop fawning over you.”

She pursed her lips and looked at the white knight. “Galahad, I think you’re exaggerating just a bit.” She thought she had noticed him staring at her throughout most of the evening. Her discomfort wretched up a little. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Raven watching her from the fire where he and the other servants were eating.

8/17/15- A young boy—no older than maybe fourteen—rushed to Merlin.

“Welcome back m’lord.” His smile was easy, excited and very friendly. His dark brown eyes flicked to Aliana and he just stared.

Fighting an uncomfortable blush and the desire to shy away. Take a picture kid, it’ll last longer.


“If you wanted to keep me from knowing you were following me, you should learn how to move unheard through the forest.”

Galahad’s words froze Aliana on the spot.

“You know I could have Arthur send you back to Camelot for this. You are disobeying his orders.”

“No I’m not. He said to say in sight of him, Merlin or you.”

He snorted. “Arthur won’t see it like that when we return.”


“We knew she would die, Aliana. As much as it hurts, this was destined to happen.”

Her anger flared. “Do not mention destiny right now! We have no idea what was or is meant to happen! We suspect and hope that my being here hasn’t messed with history’s timeline, but we have no way of knowing that for sure! And if I had never been reckless and impulsive and agreed to do Titania’s stupid task, this might have never happened!”

9/10/15- NEW!

“I hope you’ll wear it during the games.”

Aliana looked at it then Arthur. “I can’t.”

He cut off her protests. “You can.” He closed her fingers around it. His brown eyes twinkled like they had when he had run his fingers through her hair outside his mother’s rooms. “It would make me happy to know you wear something of mine while I compete.”

<3 always LH



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