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I promised new art for Relics of Camelot and I have it! It’s only one of my images for swag cards, but it can give you an idea. I am also working on book marks and other images for teasers.

Speaking of teasers; I have two new ones from CLAIMING EXCALIBUR with all new art, and you’ll never believe the characters that’s going with it!

To see the first bit of art for RELICS OF CAMELOT head over to the new Legendary Saga Art page.

As for the new teasers here they are and they will be added to the Claiming Excalibur Teaser page as well.

#1–Queen Titania

Titania teaser

“I believe we have an accord to complete.” Titania stepped closer to the king. “You have Excalibur; you now owe me a sword in return.”

Arthur’s golden eyes never left the Fae’s as he held his hand out to Leo. The Scot unhooked the jeweled Elf sword from around his waist and handed it to him. The jewels again gleamed and brightened. “Before I hand you this sword, I have another proposal,” Arthur said.

Titania arched a brow in mock question. Aliana opened her mouth to stop her friend, but Galahad’s hand gripped her waist tight in warning. What are they up to?

“We agreed on the price for Excalibur, but I offer myself in Aliana’s place.” Arthur stood a little straighter, his gaze focused and unyielding. “Whatever task you would have her do, I will do in her stead.”

Galahad gave Aliana a small shake of his head when she turned her questioning gaze to him. Why was Arthur doing this? Not that Aliana was overly excited about having to do a favor for her treacherous grandmother, but Silzik had a point—Aliana seemed to be very important to the queen, and now she’d confirmed that she was kin, so surely Titania wouldn’t place her in a situation that could harm her.

“I’m not in the habit of amending bargains once struck. Not even for a king as mighty as yourself,” Titania said.

“Your Majesty.” Arthur’s voice took on a calmer, more persuasive tone. “Surely you see the benefit of having me and Excalibur at your bidding.”

Titania hesitated, seeming to waver for a moment, and Aliana wondered if Arthur might actually convince her. Then Titania drew herself out of her thoughtful daze. “Indeed.” Her tone was frosty. “But you are not the Destined One, and though your talents are not without value, you lack her particular skills. We struck a deal, and it will be honored.”

“We understand.” Aliana ignored Galahad’s third attempt to keep her quiet. The hard look Arthur shot her was almost enough to make her reconsider. She licked her dry lips. “I’ll do whatever it is you want me to.” And these boys can shove all their plotting down their egotistical throats. How dare they decide this behind her back!

Titania smirked, and Aliana felt herself flush. Had the queen noticed her anger at the knights? The Fae held out her hand to Arthur. “I’ll take my weapon now, King Arthur.”

Arthur’s grip tightened on the hilt. “What is it you would have Aliana do?”

“I’ll come to her when the time is right. Now, if you would be so kind as to hold up your end of our agreement, I will have my new sword.” Her emerald gaze blazed on the king. “Do not defy me in my own lands.”

A tremor of terror sliced down Aliana’s spine. The queen was beyond dangerous, and the foolish knights had only pissed her off with their pointless attempt to protect Aliana. “Arthur,” she pleaded, hoping her friend would calm down and accept their predicament. “Everything will be all right.”

Raising the sword, he held it out to the Fae queen.

“You’ve made the right decision, your Majesty.” Titania took the Elvish weapon, stroking a long, tapered finger down its sheathed edge. The decorative stones glowed. Her emerald eyes practically devoured the wondrous sword, and it seemed as if she relaxed a fraction as she studied it. Aliana had the dreadful feeling they’d just given this cunning queen a weapon that could change everything.

#2– Puck!

Photo of young handsome elf on a white background

“What do we have here? Seven little warriors and a DragonLord lost in a strange land?” a snarky voice said, echoing off the white trunks that surrounded the path.

“Who’s there?” Owen called out.

“Show yourself!” Arthur ordered, drawing his sword. The others followed his lead, drawing theirs. Aliana pulled the bow from her shoulder and nocked an arrow. Dagg jumped from her shoulder and hovered in the air, his purple gaze flicking around the area.

The voice laughed. It wasn’t deep enough to be a man’s voice, but it wasn’t high like a girl’s either.

Son of a biscuit! What kind of trouble’s found us now?

“I’m wounded,” the voice crooned. “Surely you don’t think little old Puck would dare hurt the king of Camelot and his Knights of the Round Table.”

“Puck?” Lacy and Aliana gasped as a short, gangly kid appeared, hovering high in the air above them. He wore a pair of gray breeches and a red and white tunic. The shirt was cinched at his thin waist by a thick blue belt. His pale orange skin stood out against his shocking white blond hair and liquid silver eyes.

“Ah, so you’ve heard of me!” The kid smiled brightly and bowed to the girls from the air.

“We’ve heard of you, too, trickster,” Galahad growled. He and Percy stepped in front of the girls.

“Then my reputation truly precedes me.”

If she hadn’t been so unsure about the “trickster” in front of them, Aliana would’ve been tempted to laugh.

“Are you the Puck from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream?” Lacy asked cautiously, staring at the creature.

He bowed again with open, devilish delight. “Indeed. Dear old Willy knew how to make a guy famous!”

“Why are you here?” Galahad growled. “You served the king of Avalon last I heard.”

The strange-looking boy tsked. “Poor sir knight. I suppose it’s hard to keep up when you’re trapped in Sidhe amber.”

Galahad took a step toward the kid, but Aliana grabbed his arm. “Don’t, Galahad.”

“Then what is your purpose for interrupting our quest?” Arthur asked. His voice sounded bored, but he watched Puck intently.

Puck lowered himself to just inches off the ground in front of Arthur. “Who says I’m interrupting you?” he asked with an arched white blond brow. “I’m here at my queen’s behest to lead you lot into the safety of Notien.” He bowed again before zipping back into the air, stopping above Aliana. He looked between her and her Dragon guardian. “Well, well, you’re certainly more in person, Destined One.”

Aliana frowned. What did he mean by that?

“We should be going, I think,” he announced with a loud clap of his orange hands. “The queen is not a patient Fae.”

“We’re still some distance from the Summer Kingdom,” Leo said as Dagg lowered himself to Aliana’s shoulder. She could feel the Dragon’s tenseness, like he was ready to pounce.

“Bah.” Puck scrunched his face. “You mortals. So boring. Puck has a much more fun way to travel.” He clapped his hands again.

The sound echoed loudly, like they were in a mineral cave, and white gold lights encased the eight of them. The guys twisted, trying to find a way out of the magic surrounding them, but the light grew so bright they had to shield their eyes. Waves of electricity crackled over Aliana’s skin until she felt like she’d dissolve under the immense power. Then it stopped, and the white-hot light around them vanished.

Okay, I hope everyone enjoyed the new parts 🙂

<3 always LH


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