Getting back to business

I’ll be the first to say I’ve let myself get a little distracted with my focus. (Though doing 3.13 million dollars in business–just in food–at my hotel with in a three week period is kind of a huge thing)

But I am happy to say that’s over, things have settled, and I am back in full inspired/motivated mode after returning from the 2015 RT Convention in Dallas. It’s time to get back to the business of writing.

I can’t really say much, but there’s the possibility of some good news in the coming months plus I am putting the finishing touches on this round of edits for RELICS OF CAMELOT. RT doesn’t usually leave a great deal of time to do writing, but it does offer up so  much more. (To my editors, I DID get editing done this time 😛 lol)

I’ve done a post sharing some of the pics from #RT15 on my blog so click here to see them or go to Pinterest and see even more 🙂 One thing I do want to show is a wonderful screen shot of the edits for RELICS OF CAMELOT. There won’t be any spoilers but………….


So what did you think? Are you excited, because I am! I also got some great extra books and free beeies from the convention so I’ll be hosting another giveaway soon! That’s all I really have to say now, since I need to get my nose buried back into edits so I can finish in the next few days. Then once that’s done, on to book 4 and my secret project 🙂

Till then keep reading everyone.

<3 always LH




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