March, 2015

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RT Teen Day 2015

The RT Convention, created by the Romantic Times magazine is a very special convention for me. It’s where I solidified my desire to become a published author, it’s where I pitched to the editor who bought all four books of my debut series LEGENDARY SAGA, and it is where I have met some amazing authors and even made my first fans! It was amazing, and as long as I am able to afford it, I will be attending every year.

This year is even more exciting because I am going to be apart of the Giant Book Fair, signing in the YA Alley along side dozens of authors whose books I adore and devour and many other great YA authors—100 total to be exact!

The list includes Meg Cabot, Tamora Pierce, Colleen Houck, C.C. Hunter, Rachel Caine, Kathy Reichs and Rachel Vincent–just to name a few of the authors I adore.

Click the link below to see the official booklet that has all the authors signing and the list of panels and parties for Teen Day!

Pretty Amazing, I am so crazy excited! Here is the direct link to the RT Convention web site

There are all levels of passes available, including weekend passes, which for locals in the Dallas and surrounding areas, is the perfect chance to come in for the Giant Book Fair on Saturday and take part in all the best parties of the whole convention! For teens, this is the perfect package, because it’s when the YA authors are most available 🙂

I hope I get to see some of you there, and if you come, be sure to stop by and say hi! I will be posting all week during the conference and especially the Teen Day parties!

I hope to see you there 🙂

<3 always LH


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#amwriting Writing habits

Since you’ve so generously stopped by, it’s a good chance you already know something about my King Arthur series: Legendary Saga.


I am pleased to report that my editor has received book 3, we are just waiting for the timetable to be laid out for our editing schedule. I can’t say how grateful I am for all the positive and even negative feedback I’ve received for both LEGENDARY and CLAIMING EXCALIBUR. Everyone who is an author or an aspiring author knows how nerve-racking and panic worthy you feel when putting out your creation for the world to read and leave opinions on. The biggest lesson I’ve learned since I started my march towards publishing three years ago is that you are not going to please everyone, and that’s alright. Just write the story of your heart and keep trying until you find the people who do like it.

What most don’t know is that I also have two side projects or Work In Progress (WIP) going on while I’m trying to write book 4 of the LEGENDARY SAGA. But many authors do this; one who appears to be totally bad ass in this talent area (one of her many) is Jennifer L. Armentrout. With how many books she puts out a year……goddess status in my book (plus I’m a fan of her stuff  ;P )

Any who, other authors and people in the industry know how hard it can be to have so many projects going all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and writing. Spinning all these fantastical tales and giving my ADD brain a good outlet is always good in my book. I’m sure this varies from author to author, (sound off in the comments with your thoughts if you want) but for me I can’t just hop from one project to another then to another. I need to have a mental cleanse between projects so I can be sure each book remains true to the voice and characters specific to those particular stories. My Legendary universe is pretty easy to sink into because I am so familiar with those characters and their world.

A side effect of switching and needing a cleanse is when I get rolling on one of the WIP’s it can be hard to get back to writing book 4 of LEGENDARY SAGA. Which is not always square because book 4 is the one I am on deadline for……… (I hope my editors aren’t reading this LOL)

Lucky for me, my ADD is finally working for me. Even while I’m in my kitchen/bake shop I can be making cakes or mini pastries or whatever and still be working through scenes and plots in my head without screwing up. I also find that sometimes I get too many ideas in my head all at once. I mean hello, I watched a viral video of a wedding performance of Riverdance and got a whole new idea for yet another story! Oui. But this is why God created voice memos/small note pads to keep on your person and notes on iPhone. They save my life when inspiration keeps knocking on my brain’s door.

Of all my ideas there are two (as mentioned) that are strong enough to actually start working with and that I keep “on deck”. Mind you these titles are tentative so they are very much subject to change and change and change again.

            CHASING THE ORION STAR- a YA fantasy/magic realism book set in modern day Rome, Italy and gives a whole new light to the legend of Orion and the goddess Artemis.

            LE FEM MUSKETEERS- a modern interpretation of the classic creation filled with con artists, thieves, spies and hackers. Oh the fun! Wait—-are they seriously trying to break into the Hofburg Palace right now?!?! Here we go again–> all to save the world.

Hehe. And now you’ve seen a little more of what’s coming down the road and learned a little more about me and my crazy process. #amwriting

<3 always LH

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