Throwback books

Hey guys! Someone please tell me it isn’t really the end of January already?!?!? Oui, the time just flies by with no consideration, LOL.

Since I’m having time lapse issues I thought it would be fun to do a throwback to some of my favorite books from middle school and high school. These are the books and series that inspired my imagination and to give writing a try (even if it did start out as Ronin Warrior and Sailor Moon fanfiction)

I’ve put together my all time fav. top 10 books and series from my past. Many were written by my hero authors (I included links to those old posts in case you’re curious)

Hero author part 1     Hero author part 2     Hero author part 3

Even choosing just 10 books was so hard for me so I added one other criteria: these top 10 books must also be ones I still own copies of 🙂 Just click the covers to go to goodreads and learn more about these amazing books!

P.S. They are in no particular order because, quite frankly, choosing a favorite, much less a least favorite among these is beyond impossible for me!

old magic










Now that you know some of my favorites, can you see the influence to my writing? LOL. And if you haven’t read some of these, I highly suggest you do! They are far beyond worth it 🙂

Talk next time!

<3 always LH

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