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It’s #ATO Tuesday again lovelies and today we’ve got some angels taking over! P.S. Cherry is here talking about her YA series involving angels and the bad guys they face! Take it away !

Here’s a little background on main characters and villains in the story.

Millie thought if she was a good girl, she would go to heaven and become an angel. She didn’t know about the little detour to angel training school. She didn’t know about the different types of angels, or the talents required to become a certain kind of angel. Her roommate Zadie and best friends Amber, Opal and Star are perfecting their talents to offer on Birth Day.

But Millie finds an injured bog and begs to keep him in a world where dogs don’t exist. She spends her time caring for the dog instead of developing a talent. Millie and Jet, her deaf-mute friend are still searching for a talent to offer as their gift, but time is running out.

Annie, the pop diva of WhiteFeathers seems to have it all. She is beautiful, talented and smart and a number one contender for best talent gift on Birth Day. Annie is not content to be best. She wants all the competition to disappear and does her best to make it happen.

WhiteFeathers Academy is a perfect location for the time honored conflict between good and evil.

L.H. asked if I had challenges in getting my first book published. I chose to self-publish this book because I wanted to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The decisions about editing, critique advice and proofreading were important issues. I’ve learned a lot but am happy with my decision. I will probably self-publish the sequel.

My idea for writing stories about angels is the result of a Bible study group discussion about how babies and children are judged differently than adults. Thus the concept of an angel training school when they reach a certain age.

I guess everyone worries about writer’s block. I try to avoid the “blank page” by first outlining and doing a synopsis of my story. If I have an idea about what needs to happen in each chapter I have a place to start. Of course, the story can and often does change somewhere along the way. The positive thing is I have a beginning and a probable ending when I start to write.

Marketing is a major puzzle for me. I don’t know enough about social media to have a good marketing plan. I’m still learning and the world is changing faster than I can learn.

L.H. asks “What do you hate doing?” I really, really hate getting up early in the morning. “Why?” I seem to get my best ideas late at night.


  Like people, different angels have different talents and different jobs. Angels in Training is a book for “children of all ages” about a school named WhiteFeathers Academy.

Typically the students at WhiteFeathers depart their worldly lives as infants. They grow up in angel villages and arrive at WhiteFeathers at age twelve for their final year of training in their fields of talent. Graduation day is called Birth Day. The students get their wings and “fly up” as angels on their thirteenth Birth Day.

The story is about a student named Millie who entered WhiteFeathers directly from earth at age twelve. She is at a disadvantage having spent so little time in training and having no discernible talent. But she is determined to overcome obstacles, get her wings and fly up on Birth Day.

Scan0036 (2) Phyllis Cherry is a coal miner’s daughter from southeastern Kentucky and a graduate of University of Alabama. She is a watercolor artist and has written newspaper and magazine articles about food, wine and travel.



And there you have it guys! Pretty cool sounding to me. That is it for this #ATO but keep checking back because we’re in full swing promo mode for the release of Claiming Excalibur! Available Dec 16 🙂

<3 always LH 

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