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Hey lovelies! It’s #ATO Tuesday again and I’ve got nurse/YA author Lisa Tapp talking about her great book Finding Beth, the first in her Ro Davis Mystery series! I personally am very excited for this because I LOVE YA mystery series. Joan Lowery Nixon is one of my hero authors. But I digress, Lisa—take it away!

Welcome to today’s interview with Rosetta Davis. Rosetta…


…Ms. Davis…

Ro. I prefer to be called Ro.

Okay, Ro is a sixteen-year-old who just landed a gig as the star in a series of mystery books. Tell us, Ro, how you were chosen.

Right place? Right time? It’s not like I auditioned or anything. It just sort of happened.

Your first adventure, Finding Beth, takes place in Jamestown, Virginia.

That’s right. That’s where it all started. Mom lives there. She’s an archeologist and she works at historic Jamestown. Because of Mom’s erratic schedule, I live in Kentucky with my grandparents during the school year and in Jamestown with Mom during summer break.

Oooo, archeology. That must be exciting.

Um, no. I’m not a huge fan. We’ve moved a lot with Mom’s job. Sometimes I feel like an orphan.

There’s got to be an upside to it.

There is, absolutely. My best friend, Cade. His parents are archeologists, too. We’ve known each other since we were little kids.  Our parents worked at the same dig sites.

Ah, so Cade…boyfriend?

Nothing official. Yet.

What is it about you that pushed the writer—Lisa Tapp, right?—to feature you?

I have a … talent. I guess you’d call it a talent. Or gift.

A gift. Okaaay, let me guess. You’re a psychic. Is that what you’re going to say?

I’m not going to say it.

What do you call it?

I try not to call it anything. But when I looked it up, I guess I’m… I’m clairaudient. I hear voices. But they belong to dead people, so that makes me a medium.

Like the ones on TV.

I know.  I mean, does anyone really believe that’s real? I’ve watched the shows, and I’ve always been skeptical, until it happened to me.

So you’re saying it just happened? Out of the blue you woke up one morning and poof! You’re having conversations with dead people?

Not exactly. I mean, at first I didn’t believe it, either. I seriously thought I was going crazy or having some sort of breakdown. I honestly didn’t believe in it, in myself, even when I found proof that what he was saying, what I heard, was factual. Was true. Denying was easier than believing. Then when I thought about it, in all the places we’ve lived, there’s been one spot, one location that I was drawn to. I never understood it, never thought anything about it. I know that in at least one of those locations, Mom—actually it was Dad—found the remains of a primitive village. So maybe it’s been there all along and I’ve just settled down enough to listen.

Tell me… Do you actively go out and look for these spirits, or people?
Sometimes. Yes. But only when there’s a need.

Dead people have needs? Seriously?

Why not? Maybe they died too soon or unexpectedly and there’s something that needs to be said or taken care of.  So far, it’s been about finding or giving peace.

So you believe in this. You really believe you talk to the dead.

Yes. I know not everybody believes.  I didn’t at first. But now, yes,  I do believe. Do you?

I… This isn’t about me. But let’s ask the readers. Do you believe in mediums? Do you believe the dead speak to us, and that at least some of us can hear them?


They were meant to be.

Since meeting as children at their parents’ archeological dig sites, Ro Davis and Cade Winslow were meant to be together. No one understood his serious nature better than her. No one balanced her exuberance better than him. Now eighteen, Cade returns from college with a girlfriend and Ro is left to question what she always believed.

They were meant to be.

When John Caleb Smith met Beth in 1608, she was promised to another. But sometimes people are just meant to be together. Separated by tragedy and buried apart, John haunts the Jamestown area looking for his wife.

Alone on the banks of the James River, Ro has an encounter with a spirit. Questioning what she’s hearing, and her sanity, she does research and finds everything she’s heard is true.


self_pixNurse by day, Young Adult author by night—that’s  me.  I’m drawn to the secret lives and the hidden stories behind big news events and history.   I am fascinated, frustrated and addicted to whole writing process. I even dream in words.  And I’m constantly amazed at the resilience of the spirit. Facebook,, twitter.

There you go guys. I like Ro, she’s got some zing to her 🙂 Be sure to enter the giveaway and check back next week for our next ATO!

<3 always LH 

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