First peak at Claiming Excalibur!

Hiya! In honor of the #YA Scavenger Hunt that has been going this weekend, I am adding in a special easter egg here! It’s your first full clip from Claiming Excalibur! Book 2 of my Legendary Saga!!!!!!!! I am so excited to share this with you all, and if you are still new to my first book Legendary, no worries, this will just make you want to read the first book even more so you can be ready for the Claiming Excalibur when it releases in DECEMBER!!!!!!!

There has been such a wonderful turnout to the YASH, so far and we’ve still got 24 hours left! I love all my new followers on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook 🙂 Since my extra giveaway goes for longer than the hunt, I have added it here for more people to enter! They’re my best prizes yet!

But enough jabbering, time for the sneak peak!

It had taken almost a week for everyone to fully recover from their last battle with Mordrid, and during that time Merlin had arranged all the details, including having his private plane made ready. Arthur and Galahad had both been apprehensive when Merlin had explained the concept of flying. Arthur had hid his unease better than Galahad, but that didn’t mean the king hadn’t been anxious. Not that he would ever admit that out loud. Thankfully, Aliana, Lacy, and Wade had talked both him and Galahad through their departure, but Arthur knew one thing for certain—he never wanted to fly on this contraption again.

His attention moved to Merlin and Lancelot, both talking in hushed tones as they examined several maps and scattered papers. Those two never stopped, and that worried the king. They seemed determined to handle every aspect of this quest themselves. Both Merlin and Lancelot had vowed to watch over their king while he lay trapped in his enchanted sleep in Avalon, yet each had broken his promise and returned to the mortal realm. Arthur had told both of them he understood why they’d left and that he forgave them, but neither man seemed to take any solace in it.

The vow had been made in a pact with Queen Titania, and she wasn’t as forgiving as Arthur. Merlin had been banished forever from her realms, Avalon and the Isle of the Blessed, and Lancelot had been doomed to be reborn over and over again, his memories of each life returned to him in unforgettable and sometimes tortures detail.. Arthur feared that the long centuries they’d both lived with Titania’s punishments had left thick clouds of guilt and self-loathing festering in their hearts. His only hope for them was that completing this quest would help them really live again.

He moved his gaze to Percy and Aliana’s blond friend, Lacy. Those two had struck up a romance almost immediately after Aliana had introduced them. Now they curled next to each other in their seats, a blanket covering both of them as they slept. Meanwhile, Owen and Leo slumped in their seats, heads on pillows, arms folded as they slept. The two of them had formed an almost instant bond of friendship after Leo’s return, and Arthur was glad for it. They were a formidable pair in intelligence and in battle—just as they had been in Camelot. Wade sat next to Arthur on the short couch, his legs kicked out, his arm and pillow tucked behind his head.

Percy, Owen, Leo, and Wade were perfectly comfortable in the modern world with all its inventions. They had died in the final battle with Mordrid, before the others had brought a mortally wounded Arthur to Avalon to be saved. The king thought he’d lost his brother knights forever, but like Lancelot, they’d been reborn in this century. Unlike Lancelot, they had no memories of their previous lives and were able to live each one anew—until a few weeks ago when Merlin had restored their memories of Camelot.

The final member of their group was curled across the top of Aliana’s headrest. Daggerhorne was a small, marbled-silver Dragon. He’d been created to protect the Destined One. Arthur was happy to see how devoted the small creature was to his purpose and knew that he was not only Aliana’s protector but had also become her confidante and friend.

During the past week, Owen, Leo, Wade, and Lancelot had returned briefly to London. Over his many lives, Lancelot had gathered several maps on which he’d detected a magical pattern. Tracking magic was a gift he seemed to have acquired during his punishment. This ability had helped him to track Morgana’s magic at least four times, and he hoped the maps would be helpful now. Owen and Leo had volunteered to go with him to search for other items in his collection that might aid them in their new quest to find Excalibur.

 I hope you all loved it! And if this has made you want to read Legendary (the first book) even more you can buy or get sample downloads of Legendary here:

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Review and add to your TBR list on Goodreads or even get a signed DIGITAL copy from me on authorgraph!

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