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Legendary Scene Clip

And I’m back again with another clip for you lovelies to enjoy! If you have already read Legendary, then you’ll know this part. If you haven’t, then hopefully this will wet your appetite.


“Heck if I remember. I forgot it as soon as I opened my eyes!” Percy shook his head then asked, “How did you find Owen?”

Owen squeezed her hand and gave her an encouraging smile. Aliana took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, tightening her grip on his hand.

“I already told you my parents died two years ago. After their deaths, I was going through their files and found two copies of my birth certificate. One with my parents’ names and another with the name of a woman I didn’t know.” Aliana felt the pain rushing to the surface. “I looked through more of the files, and I found an adoption record from a lawyer here in London. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together, and I realized I was adopted.” Aliana looked past everyone out the window, studying the lights of London.

“Your parents never told you?” Percy asked softly.

Shaking her head, Aliana put on her calm face, trying desperately to hide the sadness and betrayal she felt. “No, I confronted one of my father’s closest friends, my godfather, and he told me it was true. I made it my mission to track down the woman on my original birth certificate, but all I found was an address here. So, I got on a plane and went to the address, but it was a cemetery. She had died after giving birth to me.” Aliana bit her lip, forcing tears back.

“I found Aliana there that day,” Owen said. “The woman she had found was my aunt. I had gone to bring flowers to my mother and aunt’s graves and ended up bringing Aliana back to my place. We spent the night talking, getting to know each other. Luckily for Aliana, she now has a smashing cousin to look after her.”

“Whatever.” Aliana couldn’t help her watery giggle as Owen hugged her closer. “It’s more the other way around. I swear Owen can’t do a thing on his own. I don’t know how he managed to live to nineteen.” Owen retaliated, pinching her in the arm.

Hope you enjoyed this little snip it form Legendary and the meme that was created!

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<3 always LH

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ATO- Shawn McGuire part 2

#ATO Tuesday is here again lovelies! And I’ve got a special treat for you today. This author kicked off the ATO this year and now she’s back again for part 2 of her takeover. Welcome back Shawn McGuire with her fantastical amazing The Wish Makers series and her AWESOME SAUCE covers! Take it away Shawn.

First let me shout out a big “THANKS!” to L.H. for letting me do a second ATO. These are so fun. I love reading about other authors. While I was pondering what to talk about this time, Mandy and Crissy took over my take over! (They’re the main characters from STICKS AND STONES and the soon-to-be-released BREAK MY BONES.) They have a tendency to do that to me. “We’re going that way, girls,” I’ll say and point. “Um, no,” they’ll say, “you need to follow us this way.” Then Crissy will give me an eye-roll or Mandy will try to tempt me with something yummy from her kitchen. So, Mandy and Crissy, have at it!

Mandy: Shawn, you get to talk all the time.

Crissy: Yeah, the books are about us so we should get to talk about them now and then.

Mandy: The story is about your wish this time.

Crissy: Yep.

Mandy: Shawn, why did you decide to give Crissy a wish this time?

I didn’t decide. The universe decides what wish gets granted. At least that’s what Desiree claims. And don’t you think that Crissy was deserving of having a wish come true? I mean, her home life and that boyfriend of hers?

Crissy: I think I was deserving. So, thanks. Or should I thank Desiree? Either way, things are going better now.

I know and I’m really glad.

Mandy: Like mine, you wishes journey wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

Crissy: That’s kind of the thing with wishes though, isn’t it? They get granted, things go sort of carppy for a while, and then it ends where it’s supposed to.

Mandy: Carppy?

Crissy: My little sister repeats what I say so I’m trying to keep it clean.

Okay, I have to say something here as the author. Drama, tension, conflict, being mean to the characters makes for a better story.

Crissy: Really mean.

I’m sorry. But if you would’ve just skipped off into the sunset it would’ve been a really short and supremely boring story.

Mandy: I agree. Sorry, Crissy.

Crissy: We already knew that Desiree has a nasty side. Apparently Shawn does too.

I’m a very nice person. You know that. Sometimes, though, a person has to hit rock bottom before they can start climbing their way out of the pit.

Crissy: Whoa, that’s deep. *rolling my eyes* You’re just trying to justify your deep-seeded need to take out your frustrations on poor, unsuspecting wish makers.

Mandy: Nice, Crissy. Maybe you should be a psychiatrist instead of a photographer.

Just doing my job.

Mandy: I heard a rumor.

Crissy: I try not to listen to rumors.

Mandy: I know, but I heard Desiree is getting a wish in book #3! Shawn, is this true?

It is, but let’s focus on Crissy’s story for now, okay?

Crissy: She’s going to take a shot at Desiree? Oh, I’m so there. Payback is a bit—not nice thing.

Focus, Crissy. We’re talking about you right now. You know, one of my writer friends told me that she thought your story could save lives.

Crissy: Really? That would be sort of awesome.

Mandy: I read BREAK MY BONES. I agree. It’s kind of intense in places, but the way you learn to defend yourself against Brad…

Crissy: Are you crying?

Mandy: Maybe.

I cried.

Crissy: So why do you think this could save lives?

Mandy: Duh! You totally learn to defend yourself, as in fought off an attacker self-defense. And you learned that it’s okay to say no even after you’ve already said yes. And that it’s even okay to say no to your boyfriend.

Crissy: Is it okay to say no to my best friend?

Of course it is.

Crissy: Cool. But I was kind of joking.

It’s important for girls (and guys) to protect themselves physically and sexually. But it’s also important to stand up for what you believe in. I’m proud of you for doing both, Crissy.

Mandy: I like in the story how you decide you don’t want to live your life the way your mom and sister expect you to. Everyone should be able to decide what’s important and right for themselves and then fight for it. I’m proud of you too, Crissy.

Crissy: Thanks. Couldn’t have done it without you. And a few other people in my life.

We’re taking up a lot of space on L.H.’s blog. Maybe we should wrap this up.

Mandy: Okay. But there’s more we could talk about.

We’ll talk more later. Maybe you two can take over my blog sometime.

This was a lot of fun but seriously, BREAK MY BONES deals with some topics that I feel very strongly about. Things like living your life the way that you want to live it. Deciding for yourself who and what you are, what you stand for, and what you want to do with your life. (I know, that’s hard for a kid. It’s hard for adults sometimes too.) The other really important topics in this book are dating abuse and rape. Everyone is the ruler of her or his own body. No one should ever be pressured into doing things they aren’t comfortable or ready to do. No means no even if yes was already said. And it keeps meaning no until yes is said again. It’s a huge topic and my ultimate wish is that this book touches the life of kids and maybe, yes, saves a life.

Here’s a short excerpt from BREAK MY BONES. I hope you read it. And if you do, please, tell me honestly what you think of it.


BREAK MY BONES – Chapter 1

A car with a loud muffler pulled into the parking lot of the Lakeside Drive-In. Only one car in town sounded like that. Brad’s 1980-something Camaro. His baby. I slouched way down in my seat and watched out of the corner of my window as he pulled into a spot across the lot from where Mandy and I were parked. I’d told him I’d be home all night tonight. If he saw me here, he’d be mad. Accuse me of lying to him.

He and his cousin got out of the Camaro and went up to the order window. Brad knew the cook and always ordered at the window so he could say hi. Then he’d let one of the rollerbladed serving girls bring the food to his car. He stayed at the window this time and waited for his order—almost certainly a triple bacon cheeseburger, no onions, and monster-size chocolate cherry malt. Good. That meant he was taking his food to go. A few minutes later with bags in hand, they went back to the car and Brad peeled out of the lot. I watched him drive away and only sat up once he was far out of sight.

I felt Mandy staring at me the whole time. If I had looked, I would’ve seen that frown. The one she wore every time the topic of Brad came up. This time all she said was, “Good thing he doesn’t know my car, hey?”

“Yeah,” I exhaled and closed my eyes, listening for the sound of that engine. Even though I couldn’t hear it anymore, I couldn’t relax. He could come back. I’d left instructions with Mom to call me immediately if he stopped by the house. Lakeside wasn’t that far away, Mandy could have me home in less than five minutes if he was there waiting.

One of the servers rolled up to the car with our food and attached the tray to Mandy’s window. The smell of French fries and deep-fried cheese curds swirled in the air around the car and my stomach rumbled.

Mandy smiled as she handed me my mug of root beer, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. She was waiting for me to say something, to defend myself. The last thing I wanted was to get into yet another discussion about why I should break up with Brad. I’d heard it many times. Her vote had been registered.

My throat practically cried with relief as the foamy, vanilla and licorice goodness slid down. I pressed the icy mug against my neck. Hottest freaking June in years and our A/C was out. Again. When Mandy called, asking if I wanted to get a root beer at Lakeside, our dinky-town Minnesota version of a Sonic, I jumped at the chance. The ride in her chilly car felt like a reward for being shackled to two five-year-olds and a baby all week.

She held her mug out to me in a toast. “To your first week of babysitting. How was it?”


Untitled Everyone makes mistakes. Crissy’s just might kill her.

Seventeen-year-old Crissy Sheets was so sure Brad was the one, she believed him when he swore the first bruise was an accident. She believed him when he told her he loved her after the second. Now trapped in an abusive relationship with no idea of how to get out, she’s all but given up on ever having the life she dreams of. With little to lose, Crissy wishes for a better future.

She’s told her wish has been granted, but nothing has changed. Her house is still a dump, her mother is still drinking, and Brad still wants to control her every move. Then Lance moves into the house across the yard. He’s hot, chivalrous, and wants to help Crissy break free. Will standing up for herself push Brad too far?


Shawn McGuire started writing after seeing the first Star Wars movie (that’s episode IV) as a kid: she couldn’t wait for the next one so wrote her own episodes. Sadly, those notebooks are long lost, but her desire to write is as strong now as it was then. She grew up in the beautiful Mississippi River town of Winona, Minnesota, the small town that inspired the setting for Sticks and Stones and Break My Bones. After graduating college she moved to the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) where she lived for many years. She and her family now call Colorado home and when not writing or reading, Shawn enjoys cooking and baking, crafts, interior decorating, and spending time hiking and camping in the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Love the teaser chapter and I love Crissy and Mandy. Such fun characters and most certainly on my TBR list! Come back for next week’s ATO!

Later lovelies  <3 always LH

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