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Hiya! Guess what! It’s #ATO Tuesday! And we’ve got indie YA author, Alexa Nazzaro. She’s got an interview with her character Kye from her YA novel The Pool Theory. It’s all you Alexa and Kye.

  • So, I hear you don’t really like your name.

Well, think about it: When you hear the name Matthew or Alexander, you picture a guy that has it together. There’s something about the way those names roll off your tongue. You might think, the name is really boring, but I bet that dude has his shit together. When you hear the name Kye, though, what do you think of? A kite, right? And a kite doesn’t exactly have its shit together, does it? It’s just flying through the air, going wherever the hell the wind might blow it. 

  • But you do like movies. 

Movies are really what I live for, even if Orion (where I live) feels like worlds away from California. Picture any suburb on the planet, and you have a pretty good idea of what Orion is like. Or, if that doesn’t help, think of a suburb in any movie. Good examples are really old ones, like Sixteen Candles,  or anything else by John Hughes. If you’ve never seen Sixteen Candles or don’t know who John Hughes is, I don’t know how to help you. 

  • Is that what you’d like to do after school, be another John Hughes?

I’d love to go to California and be a director, but I think my dad would die if he knew that. He works in something to do with finance. He’s a good guy, but he’s very serious, and lives by magazines like The Economist. My mom is an arts therapist, which I know even less about than financial stuff. I think she basically sings and plays music for handicapped kids, so she might be cooler about the whole thing. She’d probably cry a bit, then pack me a really nice care package. 

  • If you love movies, what do you hate?

A lot of things, but definitely gym. Me and my best friend Anthony totally suck at gym. We even suck at the gym stuff that normal people aren’t allowed to suck at. For example, I once remember Mr. Katz, our grade five gym teacher, hauling out this gigantic parachute. All you had to do was lift the little part of fabric that you were holding on to, crawl underneath and sit on it. That’s it. Me and Anthony though, couldn’t get that last part right, and the parachute kept sinking towards our side of the gym, while we rubbed our asses along the floor like dogs marking our territory. 

You’re also friends with Julian. 

Yeah, something that nobody can quite figure out. Julian moved to Orion from someplace called Trenton. I’m gonna describe what he looks like, only because he looks so different from me or Anthony: tall, slim but not disgustingly skinny, hair cuts that actually look like something done by someone other than your mother or aunt, and glasses that make him look better, not worse. 

  • Tell me more about Claudia.

All you have to know about Claudia is that she’s beautiful in every way. 

  • Name something unique about you.

My legs. Seriously, the bottom half are sort of hairy, but then my thighs are smoother than a girl’s. How normal is that? 

  • What’s your philosophy on life? 

How is a teenager supposed to have a philosophy on anything? If I had to answer that, I’d say that whatever crap you might be going through right now will just make you stronger. Oh my god, how clichéd did that just sound? I swear, sometimes I wish I didn’t know myself. 


Bok Synopsis:    Thumbnail

If you asked Kye Penton what his greatest accomplishment is, he’d probably say surviving years of bullying with nothing but his only friend Anthony and movies like The Godfather and anything by Quentin Tarantino to get by.

Sure, there are scars, like the social phobia he can’t seem to shake off despite the self-help books he stashes in his bedroom, but at fifteen, things are finally looking up. By some miracle, Claudia in English likes him, and Julian is both his new friend and a super cool guy in general.

It looks like Kye’s days of being an outcast are ancient history – until Annie Cooper shows up: pregnant and claiming the baby is his. Kye’s life quickly unravels as he’s pulled into a nightmare bigger than any bullying he has ever survived.

A young adult contemporary novel that tackles teen pregnancy, bullying and social anxiety head-on, The Pool Theory is an honest depiction of what it means to live out the so-called best years of your life when all you want to do is disappear off the face of the earth.

Link to Amazon:

Author Bio:

Alexa Nazzaro Picture smaller

Alexa Nazzaro is the author of The Pool Theory as well as the upcoming Razed, to be released in spring 2015. When she isn’t writing, she’s hanging out at libraries and bookstores, tickling her baby, laughing with her stepkids, and watching the occasional thing on Netflix. You can read more about her at


Well, what did you all think? I thought that was pretty cool, and so is Kye! Take a hop skip and a jump over to amazon and give The Pool Theory a closer look. 🙂 

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