Catching a breath

Hey lovelies, since my ATO series has started I’ve been keeping most of my posts on this site related to those ATO’s, unfortunately I thought I could keep up better than I had with posting things on my blog but……..well, life.

That’s about all I got. I wanted to do so much more this summer, I can’t believe it’s  almost done! Though fall is my favorite season of the year 🙂 On the other hand I have had good reasons for being so…well absent. The biggest being that I am in the final editing stages of Claiming Excalibur! I am close to finishing this draft of Book 3 of my Legendary Saga, I’m working on making new swag for Claiming Excalibur and I’ve had a lot more on my plate with my “real world” job (since my boss has been on maternity leave and leaving me in charge of the nut house….or should I say sweet insanity house? Oh well either works, but I digress)

In other great news, I went home to Cinci for one of my high school friends weddings this weekend and day of the wedding, wouldn’t you know, my fantastical publicist Jenn sent me the cover for Claiming Excalibur……insert crazy loud squeal here! YYYYEEEAAAHHHHHHH! I LOVE IT SO HARD. We could not have chosen a better cover for CE, it fits so well with the cover from Legendary! Now we are not revealing it until a week or so before Thanksgiving, and since we have such a great lead time I want to set up something special and get as much exposure for the reveal as I can, so any bloggers or fans or fellow authors reading this, if you want to help me reveal the cover email me through the site or leave me a note in the comments! I’ll get back to you as details come together.

Even better, we are putting the finishing touches on the blurb for Claiming Excalibur so I hope to have a Goodreads page up for it soon 🙂

I really wanted to share with you all, your first real look at Claiming Excalibur, but my loving publicist says to hold off for now….. 🙁  But never fear, I WILL get it up for you to read soon!

There is more good news too!

But wait there’s still more good news! I am going to be taking part in the YA Scavenger Hunt OCT2-OCT5! It is a MAJOR blog hop/scavenger hunt created by the ever talented Colleen Houck, and has run successfully for the last few years! And it’s even bigger this year with 6 teams (including the team I am on TEAM INDIE) and 125 authors! Can you say OMG enough times? It’s a huge thing, tons of fun and a great way to get exposed to new authors and books you wouldn’t normally see or know about. And of course there are literally over 100 giveaways going on for the hunt! the 6  biggest being SIGNED COPIES of each book from one team if you win the grand prize! And if you win more than one…..whoooo, just imagine all those books, plus all the other possibilities! I’ve got a lot to do until then, including figuring out what I want to do for my post on the YASH so until then just look at the ever hands-on, charming, loyal, brave and gallant Aramis from BBC’s The Musketeers!

Later lovelies!

<3 always LH

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