Legendary Teaser

Hey lovelies! Got something special for y’all


“Who are you?” Aliana and Galahad demanded at the same time.

The lady cackled. “My dear, you did not think that you would simply walk in and awaken him, did you?” She stepped closer. “You have done well with the first two tests, but there is one more you must pass to prove yourself worthy of claiming the title of the Destined One.” Her aged smoky, sultry voice scraped over Aliana’s skin.

“What do you mean test? Are you responsible for that disaster zone back there?” Aliana could almost feel the old woman’s cold smile.

“That disaster zone as you call it was to test your wit and ability to think under dire circumstances. There are still tasks ahead that require both. Your first test was to find the courage to face the unknown and free the lord knight and your guardian. King Arthur’s champion cannot lack the traits he had in abundance.”

Aliana wanted to roll her eyes, but she wouldn’t put it past this lady to do something terrible to her for it.

Hope you enjoyed this little snip it form Legendary and the meme that was created!

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<3 always LH

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One Comment  to  Legendary Teaser

  1. Steve says:

    Great book
    Everyone should read
    Can’t wait for book 2 in the series