Pre RT convention excitement

Hi lovelies! We are ssssoooooo darn close to this years Romantic Times convention! This will be my third year attending and even better, I am going to be signing and taking part in a few of the YA events! YEAH! But even better than that…….this year’s con is in NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!!! Outside of the fact this city has such an amazing a colorfully rich history, it’s also the center of paranormal and extra fab urban fantasy books! Talk about a perfect city to play host. 

I have never had the pleasure of experiencing New Orleans before and there is so much I want to do and see–and that’s not including the already packed schedule of events that will be hosted by the convention. Like I said this will be my 3rd time attending. The first was in Chicago with my friend Christena. It was a fantastic experience and gave me the confidence I needed to finish Legendary (which I had just started). I set a goal that by next year’s RT I would be ready to pitch my story!

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And that brings us to last year’s con in Kansas City, Missouri. I went with my other friend Rita aka MissLittleBookAddict and I pitched Legendary and got several requests and a few offers. And MLBA got her real good start to her fantastic blog. We met so many great people, authors and had way too much fun–although, can anyone really have way too  much fun with hot, scantily clad cover models, eccentric and fab authors and great music?

I don’t think so. ;P

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And this year is going to be even better because both my girlies are going with me and the three of us are going to get into some real fun trouble! We have a whole list of things we want to do together and a side list of my own, for what little time I have outside the convention.

Dinner at at least 3 good restaurants, po boys, horse-drawn carriage ride, visit a voodoo shop, bourbon street and the Garden District,  Jackson Square and a visit to at least one cemetery. We also plan on getting Tattoos, bar hopping and shopping of course! Goodness knows how crazy this week is going to get but it will definitely be one to remember!

Watch out NoLa the romance authors and all their fans are about to descend and take your city for a ride it won’t soon forget! If anyone out there in internet world is reading this and planning on attending the con don’t be shy, say hi!

laters lovelies

<3 always LH



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