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Hi lovelies!

I wanted to do a post about my writing and what helps inspire me to write and what helps keep me focused when I am writing. I will be the first to admit I am a total ADD child and that totally spills over into my writing world. (Well every aspect of my world honestly but, hey…..) I can’t write in silence. I just can’t. I must have some kind of noise or activity going on around me while I write or plot or read or revise. Which can prove tricky at times because I’m not gonna put on something that I don’t like, so if I have on a tv show or a movie, I know I’m likely to stop writing and start watching whatever I have on.

Thus music is my favorite go to, to help keep me focused and writing. Because of that I have so many different playlists on my iPhone and spotify that are either linked to a character or a scene or a whole book. Like my playlist on Spotify for Legendary

Now, you won’t see it on the Legendary playlist, but there is one artist I discovered about 7 months ago and she has been a hug influence on book 2 of Legendary Saga–and my other WIP I’m working on. Her name is Lindsey Stirling and she is an amazeballs-glitter throwing-hardcore violin rocking-creative genus! I love her music, her videos and her story. She is a self-created youtube success story and her reimagining of popular songs and especially her own songs, are over the top fantastical. (Yes I am going total fangirl here)

That said, when Claiming Excalibur’s (book 2 of Legendary) playlist is put up she will definitely have several songs on there! I also recently started writing book 3 and, even when I was plotting the book arc, I was listening to a lot of her songs so she will be featured even more heavily on book 3’s list.

That said, I’ve pulled several of my favorite videos of hers from youtube to let you see just how fantastical she is. And keep in mind she produces all her own videos! Total Renaissance woman here. You need to check out at least one of these videos, you’ll get hooked just like I did.

Laters lovelies!

<3 always LH

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