October, 2013

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Baltimore Book Festival and New Ideas

So a few weekends ago I was able to sneak away from work and go to the Baltimore Book Festival! It was amazing and I had a blast and learned a bunch of great new things and got some great advice. But here were the two highlights for me!

#1 I got to meet one of my hero authors Meg Cabot!!!! *insert fan girl squeal* For those who don’t know the multiple time best selling author she has written many great YA and Adult books, several of which were turned into movies! But for me my absolute favorite series of her’s was “The Mediator” series she wrote under the name Jenny Carroll. Long and short of it, she was one of the great inspirations for me to start writing!

#2 was the blog featuring six incredible book bloggers all talking about what they do and how they do it. We also got their opinions on how an author should approach a blogger and so on. Here is the link to the video I recorded from the panel posted to YouTube by one of the great bloggers I met Hannah of the Irish Banana review Book Blogger Panel. The second best part was getting to talk to a few of them after their panel and getting to know them. Hannah and Jen gave me a great piece of advice: that I need to put more of me and who I am out on my pages, and not just my fab character sketches.

 So in the spirit of that advice, and with the time restraint from my full-time job being so busy again and my deadline for my next manuscript, I have decided to do more than just post character sketches. I am now going to host several guest spots for bloggers and other authors, I am going to post bits about books I am reading or have read and liked, and I will talk about my favorite things. (many of which inspired and still inspire my Legendary Saga and my work in progress)

So to kick off my new platform I am starting with my thoughts on a great book I read several months ago after getting an advanced readers copy from last year’s RT Convention. It’s called  The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason. Here is the cover, you can click on it and follow the link to my “non review” of this great YA steampunk book!

Till  next time my lovelies!

<3 L.H.


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