Daggerhorne returns

She’s going to get killed! The magic barring my path to her is too strong. I will never be able to penetrate it. Only four beings in Avalon have this much power. If any of them have set against us we are doomed. Curse this magic! She’s my charge I have to protect her! ~Daggerhorne


As all good adventure/fantasy/sci-fi stories have shown, there are always several crazy powerful characters that add to the granger of the story. Without giving away any spoilers, you can see from above that  Dagg refers to four such powers. I mentioned in Dagg’s first sketch that he traveled the 7 realms, for hundreds of years, to learn and grow into a knowledgeable guardian for Aliana- our ‘Destined One’. The knowledge he gained during those centuries exposed him to many things and people, including some of the most powerful beings in all the 7 realms.

Unfortunately, knowing those powers don’t mean he is stronger, as you can see in the quote above. The good thing about it is he now has a leg- or wing- up on everyone else; including Mordrid and Morgana.

Dagg is a very loyal creature, not only because it is a trait of his DragonKin- the silver dragon clan- or because he was born of Titania’s prophecy. He is that loyal because living for so long changes everyone, even a dragon. Before Aliana was even born he had already forged a bond with Galahad, Merlin and Lancelot; and now Aliana. Whats more, he believes in their quest and knows what horrors await them, and every living thing in all the 7 realms, if they fail.

As always head over to my Tumblr page to get another look at Dagg, and… I made a very special post on my blogger site that includes a few paragraphs from Legendary. I hope you all enjoy!

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