Meet Owen Nyhart~ “Sir Owaine”

Wade and I ate alone since Aliana was off on another of her ‘adventures’. Wade isn’t the type of person I normally associate with. He’s brash, American, loud-mouthed, American and a comedian. In spite of that, I liked him, maybe because he and I are totally opposites or because he understands loyalty. I’m glad Aliana has him in her life. ~Owen


Like his cousin Aliana, Owen Nyhart has suffered the death of both his parents and grown up as an only child. When he was younger he had dreams of being an Olympic swimmer for England. He spent fourteen years of his life doing everything he could to make his dream come true. Then his father was killed in the line of duty- as an inspector for Scotland Yard. Soon after his mother fell into a deep depression and Owen had to drop everything to take care of his mother and keep both his and his mother’s life from falling apart. Less than a year later and his mother died from the heart break, and he was left on his own, no other family to help him and no one he could really count on.

Despite all the tragedy and hardships he faced, and giving up on his dream of Olympic gold, Owen remains resilient and light hearted enough to not let the darkness he faced rule him. Even in his swimming career he was always a strategic swimmer rather than just relying on strength and stamina alone.

Now I don’t want to give everything away so you’re going to have to read Legendary to know how the Round Table is reunited in the 21st century, but I can say that his fighting style is very reminiscent of his swimming style. Strategy and cunning are more valuable to him that brute strength. And, if i do say so myself, it adds to his… “Englishman charm”.

And there you have your first look at Owen Nyhart. Checkout my blog and Tumblr for more information!

till next time lovelies!

<3 always L.H.


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