September, 2013

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2nd look at Sir Galahad

Fury twisted through my gut. I loathed this magic keeping me from my king’s side and Lady Aliana. Watching her in that canyon- helpless to aid her- was torture. Again I am cut off, unable to protect her and see that my king- my friend is indeed safe. I failed to protect Arthur and now Lady Aliana. I swear I will not allow this again! ~Galahad

forgotten knight


Forgotten Knight by =sinakasra on


In an effort to not repeat myself or give away any spoilers for Legendary, I have been driving myself crazy today trying to figure out what to do for Galahad’s 2nd sketch. I was talking to one of the Lady Knights of my Round Table when it hit me, these are character sketches, why not share a little bit of info that I keep in my ‘Legendary story guide’. (There are a lot of characters and details in the entire Legendary saga series and even I have problems keeping them all straight in my head, so I keep a record of all the information and pictures safely stashed in my story guide.)

So here is some of the “leaked” character info on our White Knight

Eyes: blue

hair: dark brown

height: 6’2″

age: 20

family history: Grew up with a younger si…… *Hey now no spoilers!*

Sorry got a bit carried away there. I am also giving you all another juicy little piece of art besides the amazing painting above. In the first scene where Aliana finds Galahad she sees a shield laying below a mounted sword. This shield is Sir Galahad’s and it just so happens that a bit over a year ago, back when Legendary was still being written, I decided to draw his shield hoping to find many uses for it outside of my personal inspiration. Now I have a use for it; tell me what you think of it!

Galahad's crest

Later my lovelies!

<3 always L.H.


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Daggerhorne returns

She’s going to get killed! The magic barring my path to her is too strong. I will never be able to penetrate it. Only four beings in Avalon have this much power. If any of them have set against us we are doomed. Curse this magic! She’s my charge I have to protect her! ~Daggerhorne


As all good adventure/fantasy/sci-fi stories have shown, there are always several crazy powerful characters that add to the granger of the story. Without giving away any spoilers, you can see from above that  Dagg refers to four such powers. I mentioned in Dagg’s first sketch that he traveled the 7 realms, for hundreds of years, to learn and grow into a knowledgeable guardian for Aliana- our ‘Destined One’. The knowledge he gained during those centuries exposed him to many things and people, including some of the most powerful beings in all the 7 realms.

Unfortunately, knowing those powers don’t mean he is stronger, as you can see in the quote above. The good thing about it is he now has a leg- or wing- up on everyone else; including Mordrid and Morgana.

Dagg is a very loyal creature, not only because it is a trait of his DragonKin- the silver dragon clan- or because he was born of Titania’s prophecy. He is that loyal because living for so long changes everyone, even a dragon. Before Aliana was even born he had already forged a bond with Galahad, Merlin and Lancelot; and now Aliana. Whats more, he believes in their quest and knows what horrors await them, and every living thing in all the 7 realms, if they fail.

As always head over to my Tumblr page to get another look at Dagg, and… I made a very special post on my blogger site that includes a few paragraphs from Legendary. I hope you all enjoy!

’till next time,

<3 always L.H.

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Meet Owen Nyhart~ “Sir Owaine”

Wade and I ate alone since Aliana was off on another of her ‘adventures’. Wade isn’t the type of person I normally associate with. He’s brash, American, loud-mouthed, American and a comedian. In spite of that, I liked him, maybe because he and I are totally opposites or because he understands loyalty. I’m glad Aliana has him in her life. ~Owen


Like his cousin Aliana, Owen Nyhart has suffered the death of both his parents and grown up as an only child. When he was younger he had dreams of being an Olympic swimmer for England. He spent fourteen years of his life doing everything he could to make his dream come true. Then his father was killed in the line of duty- as an inspector for Scotland Yard. Soon after his mother fell into a deep depression and Owen had to drop everything to take care of his mother and keep both his and his mother’s life from falling apart. Less than a year later and his mother died from the heart break, and he was left on his own, no other family to help him and no one he could really count on.

Despite all the tragedy and hardships he faced, and giving up on his dream of Olympic gold, Owen remains resilient and light hearted enough to not let the darkness he faced rule him. Even in his swimming career he was always a strategic swimmer rather than just relying on strength and stamina alone.

Now I don’t want to give everything away so you’re going to have to read Legendary to know how the Round Table is reunited in the 21st century, but I can say that his fighting style is very reminiscent of his swimming style. Strategy and cunning are more valuable to him that brute strength. And, if i do say so myself, it adds to his… “Englishman charm”.

And there you have your first look at Owen Nyhart. Checkout my blog and Tumblr for more information!

till next time lovelies!

<3 always L.H.


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New page on my blogger site

Hey everyone! so I am happy to announce that I created a new page today on my blogger page that gives everyone their first look at the seven realms of my Legendary Universe. Follow this link and check it out! I will be adding the same information here on this page soon, but for now head over to blogger!

Till next time lovelies!

<3 always L.H. 

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