August, 2013

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Meet Daggerhorne- Guardian Dragon to Aliana

The Destined One surprised me. Aliana is so youthful, so vulnerable. Her heart is broken and aching with loneliness. What has she suffered to feel so? Shame washed over me. I was supposed to be her protector, not spend two centuries locked in a cage! How can she do all she must when self-doubt and sadness rule her? ~Daggerhorne


Dagg, as Aliana refers to him, is a silver dragon, one of 8 clans of DragonKin; each clan ruled by a DragonLord. Tir Na Nog is the realm where all the clans make their home because it is a land made purely of magic. Silver dragons are known for their wisdom and patience; they often out live dragons of the other clans by centuries, but they are also very rare. Rare and the oldest of DragonKin, but they are not the most powerful. 

Daggerhorne is very different from the rest of DragonKin, and his silver clan; he was born of  the Fae Queen’s prophecy when she first bound King Arthur and his men to their quest to destroy Mordrid and Morgana. Daggerhorne’s sole purpose is to serve as Guardian to the “Destined One”, Aliana, while she leads Arthur and his Knights on their quest to save  the seven realms. He lived for many centuries before Aliana was even born, his purpose to explore and learn as much as he could throughout the seven realms so he could better serve Aliana when the time of the prophecy came. In his many centuries of travel he came across Merlin, Lancelot and Galahad while they were in Avalon and forged an early bond. When Daggerhorne heard that Galahad had been captured by the Sidhe he rushed to help the Knight, only to be caught himself.

As you can see from the sample above, he did not get free again until Aliana freed him. He feels he failed Aliana because he was captured instead of searching for her like he was supposed to and his link to her is not as strong as it should be because of his imprisonment. Now he will do what ever it takes to make that up to her and protect her against evil, but it will not be an easy task. Then again is helping to save the seven realms ever easy? (especially when your charge is a teenage girl about to come into adulthood)

And there you have it, another character profile for you all to enjoy before the first book of my “Legendary Saga’ is released. If you want to hear the funny story of where i took this picture head over to my Tumblr page and check it out! 

Till next time my lovelies

<3 always L.H.


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