July, 2013

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Meet J’alel

I watched the girl, hidden from her sight, the Pegasus still by my side. Is it really true, this slip of a mortal girl is the one who will restore the Golden King? I am not sure she will survive the sidhe. The Pegasus huffed at me, trouncing it’s hooves. Clearly the creature disagreed with me. We will have to wait and see. ~J’alel




Photo credit to http://magnaleon.deviantart.com/

Elves, like their cousins the Sidhe and the Fae, live in Avalon ruled over by King Oberon. Though similar to other magical creatures, the elves are still very different in their own ways. Most elves- like J’alel- are pale skinned, lithe and very agile. They were driven from their home territory in Avalon by the Sidhe back when Mordrid started gathering followers and tried to conquer the seven realms. The elves now call the forests of Avalon their home; their home base is the Red Wind forest that surrounds their ancestral territory. They continue to do what they always have: protect the magical creatures of Avalon from the evil influence of dark magic and evil doers that would use the creatures magical powers for their own dark purposes. 

They fought alongside King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table during their first war with Mordrid and they remain loyal allies still. They have waited patiently for his return to power so they can help destroy Mordrid, his evil plans and his allies once and for all.

As you can tell from the brief look into J’alel above he has his doubts that Aliana, a young, inexperienced human girl can actually be the “Destined One” seven realms have waited on for nearly 1500 years. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have hope.

After all that’s all we have at the end of the day…hope.

Laters everyone!

<3 always L.H.


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Meet Merlin

Meet My Merlin

The call of Avalon’s magic shocked me from my slumber. The Destined One must have found Avalon. I searched out Sabine, she needs to make everything ready for the King. But how do I find them? Titania’s magic had forbidden my return to the forests. I’ll have to find another way. Soon Arthur will be restored, and so will my powers. ~Merlin

Merlin Wylit is a very different person now, than he was in time of Camelot. Like his brother knights, he still holds the creed of Camelot and King Arthur close to his chest: Justice, truth, loyalty and honor.

Yet he knows, and has suffered at many different hands, that he has betrayed a part of that oath, and it has done everything but destroy him. But since then he has made it his life’s work to repay that debt and regain his honor. Everything he has done since has been in that aim: prevent Mordrid from escaping his magical prison and keeping Mordrid’s devilish cousin, Morgana LeFay, from carrying out her schemes in the seven realms.

Morgana is a woman he has tried, his long life, to forget about. The woman he betrayed his King’s trust for and maybe-just maybe-still loves.

What’s more my Merlin is more than just an advisor to Arthur, he is also a Knight of the Round Table, the inner circle of Camelot’s knights. His Druid magic is like nothing ever seen before, there was little he could not do; but like everything in life, there is a cost for such power. And the cost of his seemingly presumptuous decision has changed him in ways, even he him self, does not realize.

Till next time I leave you with the picture of the handsome Matt Bomer whose striking grayish-blue eyes and unruly hair was the first image I had of Merlin…..when we first met.

Check y’all laters,

<3 always L.H.


Photo courtesy of FanPop and ScarletWitch


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Meet Mordrid

Meet my Mordrid

It has weakened! For the first time in centuries I can feel the barrier thinning. She must be there–my escape–my queen. I am so close to having my revenge! I can feel her. Her strength is unbelievable, a siren’s call. Her emerald eyes have haunted me since the first time I saw her. She will be mine! My Destined One! ~Mordrid

 As I was writing Legendary I realized I wanted to be able to give readers a better feel for the characters without having to write from many different POV’s. My solution: thoughts from the characters, at the beginning of each chapter. Since Legendary is so new I also thought it would be a good idea to give some introductions to the characters and use this as a way to start getting the word out about my new series.

We start with a base image that first ‘clicked’ with Mordrid and a burb from Legendary from his point of view.

Above is your first look at one of our villains Mordrid, darkly beautiful, but so evilly flawed, his very presence will send chills of dread down your spine. He grew up as an orphan surrounded by magic and serving the High Priestesses, whom also taught Morgana how to use her magic, and perfecting his own craft in secret.

So much darkness surrounds Mordrid, he spends so much time hidden in the shadows, that not much is know about him…yet. I have a feeling that by the end of Legendary, you will have a thirst to know more about this dark and devious enigma who can keep everyone guessing what his real plans are.

till next time lovelies

<3 always L.H.



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