April, 2013

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My thought on things


So one of my dear friends (a member of MY round table) and I were talking about titles and how we looks at events –and the phrases used to describe them. Example Legendary is an “epic” saga full of adventure, fantasy and romance. But is epic the best term available? Maybe, I think so. But what other words could we use and how would they rant from most serious to less serious?

Here is the list we came up with:

1. Epic

2. Legendary

3. Biblical

4. Mythical

5. Monumental

6. Historical

7. Extraordinary

That was an extraordinary meal.       What a HIStorical sight!    Amazingly MONUmental play!   What a MYTHIcal romance- sigh-!     Damn that was BIBLical dude.    Wow, what a LEGENDAry fight!      Legendary was an EPIC read!

So now you see. Hope this was slightly entertaining. I know me and my Girlie Knight Tena get a crack out of it at work. You know what they say all work and no play make for a crappy day. Gotta make it an EPIC day as often as we can.

Enjoy the rambles!

<3 L.H. Nicole



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